bitchy | Tiffany Trump officially graduated from Georgetown Law & her dad acknowledged it

I forgot that Tiffany Trump has been living in Washington all this time. She’s been attending Georgetown Law, and she just “graduated” this week. Because of the pandemic, of course no one is really having graduation ceremonies, and I feel sorry for all of the students who were trying to finish their spring course work in quarantine. For whatever record, I’m assuming that Tiffany has merely graduated from law school and she has not yet passed the bar. Still, Tiffany got something from her father: a tweet of acknowledgement.

Narrator’s voice: Donald Trump actually *did* need a lawyer in the family, because he would spend the next years of his life in criminal and civil court for all of his treasonous schemes.

Anyway, considering Tiffany has lived in DC for years as she went to law school, it’s sort of funny to me that she was so rarely seen with her half-siblings or her father. Tiffany maybe got invited to the White House once a year? And only when Ivanka had something else to do. So… congrats, Tiffany. I hope you pass the bar and work as a public defender for years.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red.

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