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Remember when Donald Trump claimed he was being tested constantly for the coronavirus? I never believed it at the time, but I bet he’s had several test over the past three months, and maybe he’s even gotten the coronavirus antibody test too. My question: do you think Queen Elizabeth has ever been tested for the virus or for the antibodies? It just feels like everyone assumes that the Queen managed to slip away from the pandemic without catching the virus, but hell, she was in the viral soup of London in mid-March too. Of course, there’s still no real confirmation on the virus’s mutations and whether people can get different versions of the virus. I bring this up because I honestly wonder if the palace and royal protection officers will truly be able to keep Ol’ Liz on lockdown for the rest of 2020. This kind of system described by the Sun does not seem like the best plan for the next seven months:

The Queen’s closest servants are working three-week shifts in isolation away from their families, The Sun can reveal. The 24 staff are allowed to spend two weeks at home, a third week in quarantine and are tested for Covid-19 before resuming work. And it is feared the royal lockdown may be extended indefinitely to protect the 94-year-old monarch and Prince Philip, 98.

The Queen has been surrounded by a team of hand-picked staff at Windsor Castle since restrictions were imposed nine weeks ago. The extensive precautions to keep her safe from coronavirus can now be revealed.

Her band of 24 are split into two teams of 12 who work “three weeks on, three weeks off”. Every member has to be tested for Covid-19 and their temperatures taken before they can start their next three-week shift.

Last month, The Sun revealed ex-Royal Navy officer Tony Johnstone-Burt, the Master of the Household, had described the protective ring as “HMS Bubble”. The tight ring of protection — which has increased from 22 to 24 — was likened to a long deployment at sea when sailors are separated from their families.

Royal aides are preparing to keep the Queen isolated for many months and her diary until the end of year is now under review. A source told The Sun: “No chances can be taken with the Queen and the Duke’s health, so it’s totally understandable. But the fact this move has been taken indicates there will be no change soon. The Queen will clearly be in lockdown for many months. It’s hard to see when it will be deemed safe for her to venture out again.”

[From The Sun]

Am I an a–hole for thinking about the expense and the time-consumption of this? I mean, isn’t the Queen just hanging out in a few rooms in Windsor Castle, and going riding every morning or something like that? Does she really need a team of 12 people every single day? *whispers* Wouldn’t it be easier to just test the Queen regularly and have maybe three or four employees helping her out full-time? Just an idea. Clearly, I have no understanding of the realities of “taking care of one 90-something Queen.” Even if you factor in nursing care for Prince Philip (and I assume he has round-the-clock nursing care), I still don’t understand how it takes TWELVE people on-staff constantly for two seniors.

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