Trump Strangely Loses Control of His Right Arm During Ceremony and People Have Questions


Donald Trump’s stance on key issues of the day is often speculated on and criticized by his political opponents, but concern has sprung anew over his physical stance — because videos now show him having a great deal of trouble maintaining it.

We’ve often seen photos of his peculiar posture, with his chest (some would say belly) and shoulders leaning forward but footage that was taken over Memorial Day weekend show him having difficulty standing still, The New York Daily News reports.

This wasn’t lost on social media users, who recalled past incidents of Trump, who turns 74 next month, struggling to stand still.

Trump critic and Queens resident Joshua Potash posted the video below and couldn’t help wondering aloud.

“Is the President having trouble standing up straight as the National Anthem begins at Arlington Cemetary (sic) or am I seeing things?”

He also posted another video of Trump noticeably swaying in front of the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier.

And take a look at Trump seemingly losing control of his arm:

That’s just not normal, folks.

Some Twitter users saw the humor in the situation.

“I think it’s the bone spurs,” Kimberley Cooke tweeted jokingly, referring to one of the several draft deferments Trump received during the Vietnam War.

The videos make it obvious that Trump has real difficulty in standing still and maintaining his postures, and that has spawned concerns anew for some Twitter users regarding his physical and mental health. Others wondered if his shoes were uncomfortable.

Others noted the president might be tired after a weekend of golf since the pandemic had kept him away from the links for the past few months.

And on Memorial Day Trump was in a feisty mood and had another one of his infamous Twitter meltdowns. Once again the press became his target. He was out of sorts after being criticized for playing golf as the pandemic continues to rage unabated.

“Some stories about the fact that in order to get outside and perhaps, even a little exercise, I played golf over the weekend,” he tweeted. “The Fake & Totally Corrupt News makes it sound like a mortal sin – I knew this would happen! What they don’t say is that it was my first golf in almost three months,” he tweeted.

Somehow he failed to mention that he generally uses a golf cart to get around on the golf course.

It remains to be seen how all of this will play out. Especially as the rigors of campaigning in a presidential election may take a toll on his health. All I can say is stay tuned.


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