Trump Throws Twitter Tantrum and Shares Post Arguing Face Masks Represent ‘Social Control’ and ‘Slavery’


It is offensive. We have a president consumed with his own issues, consumed with rage, screaming that he’s the real victim of the virus, all the consequences of the virus are “so unfair to me,” and so, of course, the fact that his campaign talked with the Russians and spy agencies noticed – it would be perceived as “so unfair” against him.

Indeed it is the only thing he can think of this morning, other than attacking social media – also “unfair,” – and attacking the request that everyone wear a mask, retweeting that it’s not about public health, it’s about the government wanting power over people. All of this happened within one hour – ONE HOUR – this morning, 19 tweets about “Obama spying” and two other self-serving tweets. Twenty-one total tweets in one hours. An average of three a minute, all about him.

Let’s start with the tweet that will likely result in many deaths, we will never be able to count the number of deaths due to the fact that Trump opposes everyone wearing a mask. He does:

So, it’s not about doctors and charts with evidence that masks will help keep people alive. No, it’s about social control? This is infuriating, especially for those of us in states where COVID is on the rise, and MAGA-heads are everywhere, proudly maskless. Here is what this feels like. Trump wants COVID to be treated like the flu, where it’s going around but people don’t really know or appreciate that it’s bad. Everyone back to work.

Of course, the above tweet isn’t about Trump and so it’s an outlier. I suppose we should do the other outlier quickly, though this is about him. Trump is furious with “social media” because someone dared to meekly restrain him:

Obviously Trump will do something about his perceived lack of fairness in social media. This is, of course, insanely dangerous. Trump is the one attacking freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to control one’s property. Twitter is a private company. But all dictators seek to control the message, and it is always about “fairness” and what is “best for the country.” Always.

But let’s get down to what is consuming Trump. He retweeted Obamagate conspiracy theory tweets 19 times this morning:

He retweets a person with 1,ooo followers:

He retweets a tweet asking how long it will be before Comey is in jail:

Comey will be arrested this summer (likely) and the charges will be dropped after the election. It’s my prediction.

He retweets an assertion that there was a coup, which is strange since Trump sits as president, and if there was a coup it might well be the winner benefitting from Russian help.

Comey’s days are numbered because he upset Trump and Barr:

And on and on and on, 19 tweets about Obamagate, on the day after we passed 100,000 deaths, and on the day that a new report is out showing the total number of unemployed in America has reached 41 million.

We don’t have a leader.


Peace, y’all


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