Entire Sanctimonious Trump Family Takes to Twitter Trying to Sound Very Concerned About Race Relations

Donald Trump has now tweeted that because he sent the National Guard to Minneapolis to crack down on looting, George Floyd will not have died in vain. Is Donald Trump trying to tell us that George Floyd died willingly to improve race relations? That George Floyd willingly gave up his life for a larger cause? What is Trump talking about? It seems that Trump wants to make this entire matter about improving race relations rather than looking at racist murderous cops. It is a little too late for Trump and the Trump family.

Trump family? Yes, they are almost all on Twitter this morning. But we will start with the Chief Twitterer.

Meanwhile, Lara Trump, wants you to know that it is the looting and destruction that is so sad. Laura, too, believes that protesting and rioting is disrespectful of Floyd:

The memory of George Floyd has apparently been “lost” to the district attorney’s office. Had the district attorney charged and frog marched all four officers to jail, it is highly likely that we wouldn’t have such intense protests.

Ivanka is so very “concerned” and wants peace and joy for everyone:

“Justice is how we heal?” The four officers haven’t been arrested and I haven’t heard a single Trump call for the arrests of the officers. So where is “justice” to help everyone heal, Ivanka?

It does seem that way. Perhaps they see this as an opportunity to look “presidential” by being so very concerned.

Melania couldn’t be far behind. Melania, too, is very concerned about the violence.

What would Melania know about the life of black men in this country? Who is she to tell others to focus on “peace, prayers and healing?”

Don Junior wants to be heard, now that the protesters are burning down businesses – allegedly, because there are questions about who is doing what right now. Don Jr. is very concerned:

Where is Eric Trump?

Apparently Eric Trump hasn’t heard about the news yet. We can only speculate as to why every other Trump got the call to get on Twitter and be “concerned,” and yet include that they remember George Floyd.

It took businesses getting looted to get the Trumps interested. Meanwhile, no one has arrested Officer Chauvin, nor his co-conspirators. But please do not disrespect George Floyd’s memory by protesting. It is very “concerning,” and George Floyd will have “died in vain.”


Peace, y’all


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