Can we discuss The Heroes of Evil (2015)?

Can we discuss The Heroes of Evil (2015)?


I’ve just finished watched this Spanish movie and was wondering why does not it get any traction.
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>Three teenagers, brought together by bullying, indulge in petty theft, sex and drugs. They inevitably realize they can resort to violence to take revenge on everyone who has humiliated them: students, teachers and other outcasts. One of them escalates to killing, and desires to kill again. Anyone can become his next victim. The other two face the question: should they resort to violence to stop the killings?
Methink the story hits the right amount of realism about the dynamic of human relation and depiction of mental illness. It also includes LGBT element without flatening the character depth. It just happens one of the character is gay/bisexual and that fits with plot.
Interestingly those three are not the main themes of the movie itself. It tries to tell story about bullied teenager misfits dealing with violence, drugs and petty criminal stuffs.
Why? (Spoiler)
>!Esteban genuinely cares about Aritz, but he’s not gay/bisexual so he prefers to spent intimate time with Sara while awkwardly accomodating Aritz as third wheel. The ultimate “betrayal” by Esteban is also done out of fear for his safety. I don’t see indifference on Esteban characters, let alone malice. Sara, in the other hand seems to have her common sense prevail, although that cheapen out her sincerity when she was saying “I love you both”!, as if being high is not enough!<
>!Aritz clearly has some kind of mental illness, he pathologically lies, laughs a lot, acts out lot, all just to cover up his depressive state and.. loneliness. Suicide is his last acting out.!<
I can’t help to notice the story has some loose ends, though (Spoiler)
>!I know it’s telling story about neglected teens with no support.. but the parents being completely out of picture other than being plot devices to provide home is simply strange. Where is Aritz parents?!<
>!Aritz character needs a better background story given his role. Esteban has this believable past with his ex-GF and the suicide attempts.. Sara characters has similar lack of development like that of Aritz, but then again her character behaviour does not need much explanation, unlike Aritz! Physchologically “broken” people were not born broken, obviously!<
Overall, I like the story and the performance of the trio protagonist. Despite It’s being a low budget movie, I have read.
Any thoughts? For those who have not watched it, any plan to do so? Warning: it’s a bit gut wrenching.


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