Why Donald Trump’s ‘Juneteenth’ speech will be a disaster

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Why Donald Trump‘s ‘Juneteenth’ speech will be a disaster

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  2. OilfieldDrunk says

    Because he’s terrible

  3. NickNitro19 says

    It will be a unifying and uplifting speech of hope.

    Just kidding couldn’t even type that with a straight face

  4. fowlraul says

    He’s going to go big on the adderall, sweat all over the podium, and say a bunch of dumb shit and boldfaced lies. Oh and a bunch of people will pass the coronavirus to each other…

  5. Disgod says

    Because we already have many years of evidence that shows the racist, narcissistic dementia patient is incapable of ever improving as a person, and he’s in a short spiral into the depths of human shitbaggery.

  6. deraser says

    Anyone want to take bets on any of the following?

    1. Number of black republican Trump supporters they manage to seat behind him,
    2. If he points out those black supporters, like this “classic” from 2016: “[Oh, look at my African-American over here. Look at him,” Trump said. “Are you the greatest?](https://www.cnn.com/2016/06/03/politics/donald-trump-african-american/index.html)”
    3. He brings up China.
    4. He brings up how “his” economy is [great for black workers](https://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2020-06-07/ap-fact-check-trump-exaggerations-on-blacks-economic-gains).

  7. Wolfgang_Abendroth says

    Because he’s an illiterate incompetent

  8. NotUrbanMilkmaid says

    I can’t wait for it. I hope he’s tweaking so hard on Adderall that he goes way off script. I hope his dentures fall out of his mouth and he shits himself on live TV. We deserve that.

  9. Yukon-C14 says

    Because all of his speeches are a disaster. The man can not speak coherently, respectfully or professionally to save his life.

  10. Chefbot9k says

    Because Goebbels…I mean Steven Miller is writing it….should go over well.

  11. PaperbackBuddha says

    Why do people keep saying he’s racist when there are only a few decades of evidence supporting this claim?

    Maybe he fundamentally changed in the last ten minutes.

  12. patsky says

    He’s going to say that the Republicans are the party of Lincoln while holding a Confederate flag.

  13. Enjolras55 says

    Because it’s written by a White nationalist?

  14. ReturnOfDaSnack420 says

    In Tulsa no less, site of one of the most horrific moments of white on black violence in American history.

  15. DaGoz says

    What’s on your bingo card for this speech? I’ve got:


    Chinese virus





    law and order








    Feel free to add to it.

  16. reilmb says

    The setup for this … makes me think some people are setting us up for a big , omg how presidential.

  17. whenimmadrinkin says

    It’s gonna amount to “we want to listen to everyone, but let’s disregard all the complaints that make white people feel bad/guilty”

  18. steve1186 says

    It’s not a “speech”. It’s a rambling rant of verbal diarrhea at a hate rally

  19. FalseDmitriy says

    He also thinks that the solution to the police brutality problem is “more please.” He’s openly called for more police violence many times. You can expect more of that in Tulsa.

  20. Spider_Smurf says

    Wishing for Biden to announce a counter event.

  21. trycat says

    Confederate flags and Covid! Buckets of law and order. Also Joe Biden should be in jail or something.

  22. rekniht01 says

    I would b love to be in Tulsa for it.

  23. mamilita says

    It is simultaneously gratifying and disappointing to watch him light himself on fire but never burn.

  24. Naa2078 says

    He’s finally gonna say the N Word isn’t he?

  25. EltonBong says

    Fucking Stephen Miller is writing his race relations speech. Should be fantastic

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