Trump’s Tulsa rally on Juneteenth sends a clear and offensive message

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Trump‘s Tulsa rally on Juneteenth sends a clear and offensive message

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  2. LostStormcrow says

    Actually it sends one of two messages, IDK which is more offensive:

    1. Trump and the RNC knew and this is a middle finger to the black community.

    2. Trump and the RNC didn’t know because they could not care less about the black community.

    Not knowing or not caring about [Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Race Massacre]( are both offensive qualities in a sitting US president.

  3. ImpossibleShip says

    This shit is really ramping up innit. This train is gonna crash and soon.

  4. goostman says

    If, after everything that’s happened over the past week, you still don’t know about the Tulsa massacre* and black wall street, look it up and educate yourself.

    This marks a clear shift in this admin from tongue in cheek racism to full blown unapologetic bigotry

  5. etr4807 says

    It’s 100% intentional.

    >White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Thursday defended President Trump’s decision to restart his campaign rallies next week in Tulsa, Okla., on Juneteenth, calling the holiday marking the emancipation of slaves very “meaningful” for him.

    >“The African American community is very near and dear to his heart,” McEnany told reporters, after being asked if it was appropriate for the president to be holding such a rally on Juneteenth. “At these rallies he often shares the great work he has done for minority communities.”


  6. glitterlok says

    Let’s *pretend* for a moment that they didn’t realize the significance — suspend your disbelief with me.


    If you didn’t realize you were standing on your friend’s mother’s grave, you can be forgiven. When they make it known to you, *you fucking move*. If you don’t, *you’re just as much a piece of shit as if you knew from the beginning*.

  7. 8to24 says

    Sadly most white people (majority demo in the nation) have never heard of Juneteeth. As such they have no idea how aggressive and disrespectful Trump’s actions are.

  8. JoeSchadsSource says

    Trumps not smart enough to understand the connection, this reeks of Miller.

  9. augustusleonus says

    What would be amazing is if the venue was flooded with black residents of the area, and they didn’t boo or jeer, just stand there quietly while he tries to get the crowd hyped, only to hear his own labored breathing

    I know it’s not gonna happen, but I do enjoy the idea

  10. FreedomSquatch says

    I reserved two tickets [here]( but gee whiz ya know it looks like I just can’t make it. No way to cancel the reservation so looks like there will be two empty seats. Sad.

  11. Mnemonic22 says

    I wish a million people would show up and peacefully drown out the orange toddler’s klan rally.

  12. Ferrousity says

    I have been filled with so much rage and disgust ever since I first read this. Like I literally cannot think of a bigger middle finger to us, now of all times. Him and his supporters don’t fucking deserve to walk away from this without Karma and Corona tag teaming their shit

  13. BoringWebDev says

    We don’t want him here.

  14. StopPoliceTerror says

    the very first Trump campaign stop in 2015 was Donald Trump Jr. going to Philadelphia, Mississippi, a small town where three civil rights workers were killed in 1964.

  15. audiomuse2 says

    Trump is a complete PSYCHOPATH.

  16. jtempletons says

    And will inevitably backfire when it spreads a ton of awareness of the Tulsa massacre and begs the question why don’t we actually celebrate Juneteenth.

  17. bruhaha420 says

    Miller and Trump, cackling to each other while Dumb Donny gets his rims cleaned by Spray-on Stephen: “lololo libtardz tears so trigggered, lolo”

  18. SRMort says

    I live in Tulsa, the 19th is my birthday. Shit.

  19. Wheres_that_to says

    Every single decent person should be helped to leave Tulsa for the duration, Trump wants to start unrest so he can bring in the military.

    The only way to make sure he cannot get a reaction (even a fake one) is to let him scream into the empty wind, and his miserable bunch of cowardly supporters.

    At this point he should only ever see turned backs.

  20. poblanos says

    Gross beyond words. How dare he and his family dare to do this? It’s horrible. I just heard of Juneteenth last week from my daughter but I didn’t know what it was and looked it up. There’s been so much that has been ignored! I’m thinking about fire burning out of control and not knowing of it except for headlines. Without headlines, we don’t know!

    I have zero pity for any white person who makes excuses, tries to dismiss as false, or diminish by shifting to his/her own life troubles. It’s horrible.

    To hear this horrible man dares to preempt the date and town for his unspeakable cause to promote racism for his own benefit gags me. Lying about his motives! To put his physical presence in the town is beyond arrogance.

  21. [deleted] says


  22. arazamatazguy says

    I think this will be a horrible day for Trump. He’s going to say something incredibly stupid and all those people will end up sick.

  23. epicrepairetime says

    Strangely this is related to the HBO TV Show ‘The Watchmen’. In the show they highlighted evil of this Tulsa event and the Tulsa police corruption. Which seemed to qualify as obscure before this point (notable awareness sense the TV show). The TV show and rally takes the city of Tulsa back 60 years economically. I could live 100 lives and be satisfied with the fact that I never went to Tulsa. Like any rally their even matters. The LA Times write up may have spoke to this. I don’t have access.

  24. Nokomis34 says

    I’m kinda getting an eery feeling that this era of America and the next will defined by what happens in Tulsa. You know, like how Endgame is the turning point for the MCU, Tulsa will be our Endgame. I don’t know, just getting a creepy feeling about it.

  25. acmasso says

    This not a mistake,its a dog whistle. Its to tell his bigots I got you.

    You mean to tell me nobody knew what those dates symbolize? No one. With all those librarys and Google. Come on man

  26. HandyCapInYoAss says

    You know what’s sad?

    I never heard about the Tulsa Massacre until I watched HBO’s Watchmen.

    Our school system needs a major rework of racially charged issues, among many other things.

  27. totally_anomalous says

    Trump is a clearly offensive individual. We cannot expect him to act like a rational human being – that is beyond his very limited capabilities.

  28. funnysad says

    I had the thought that he would use the location and date as a time to give a roaring speech recognizing the horrors of the past while saying we can move forward together and other such similar things he doesn’t believe at all in order to get votes.

    That, or if he’s gonna be just as dog whistling (screaming) as he usually is. I’m not sure which is the more cynical take.

  29. songaboutadog says

    I looked at a poll showing Trump leading Biden by nearly 20 points. Why have a rally in a state you’re up by 20 points if not some nefarious reason?

  30. armymike says

    A great deal of politics has to do with optics. They know exactly what they are doing.

  31. BleachGel says

    I predict people with confederate flags and nazi tattoos and KKKs will be around the area… Trump 2020 will probably be spouting out of their shit holed faces.

  32. stevesfarm says

    Call it what it is Trump is having a clan rally

  33. SwimsDeep says

    Nothing this cabal does to harm the United States and the majority of her people, is by accident.

  34. bigedthebad says

    I’m starting to believe he really doesn’t want to be re-elected. Surely he isn’t this stupid. While this might energize the few people who still support him, it’s also going to energize a lot more people who might have been ambivalent.

    Of all the places he could hold his rally, just beyond comprehension.

  35. BandOfBroskis says

    TBF, there’s so many anniversaries of horrible racist tragedies that if you were concerned about a conflict like that, you literally couldn’t do anything as white conservative.

    /s, just in case because you never know.

  36. Shaggy2772 says

    COVID Concerns?? There’s no need for face masks when everyone is wearing a hood!

  37. lookmore61 says

    This president is a divider, and choosing Tulsa was done deliberately to divide.

  38. AkaAtarion says

    He literally called his personal guard the SS what more do you need god damn it?

  39. Sparklefanny_Deluxe says

    That’s one helluva dog whistle.

  40. Rocketsponge says

    I’m more curious about how big the protests will be. I mean, you’ve got a date certain and known location where Trump will be. There are 23 states within a 12-hour drive radius of Tulsa which include cities like Atlanta and Minneapolis. And unlike DC, there isn’t an army of riot police ready to go in Tulsa. On the bright side, Oklahoma is known for it’s in-ground tornado shelters, which some people call bunkers…

  41. patsybot says

    How cool would it be if the street soldiers of the crips and bloods united against MAGA terrorists?

  42. DarkFriendX says

    Does anyone think it’s merely a coincidence that the Russian playbook on destabilizing its enemies has a big chapter on how to instigate racial animosity in the West? Why is this all coming to a head right before the election?

  43. Kevinmc479 says

    Who in Tulsa ok’ed this ?

  44. thomas_anderson_1211 says

    Thats exactly the point

  45. Tiddysprinklz says

    I have nothing more to add other than the trees in this pick look like a big chonky wolf.

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