Lesley Stahl gets security protection after death threat over Trump ‘60 Minutes’ interview: report

Lesley Stahl gets security protection after death threat over Trump ‘60 Minutes’ interview: report

Lesley Stahl gets security protection after death threat over Trump ‘60 Minutes’ interview: report

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  1. This is ridiculous. She was doing her job asking the “tough guy” tough questions and because he’s not tough he whined and cried about it

  2. I’m sure all of right wing media will be decrying this today.

    Or are death threats OK now?

    How fucking pathetic/insane are you if you think murdering Leslie Stahl is the answer ?

    How can you support someone for FUCKING PRESIDENT who can’t answer tough questions from a reporter?

  3. The American right was ripe for a demagogue. They still gush over Reagan like the man walked on water. They don’t live in reality.

    The same people blindly following Trump are the same ones responsible for making televangelists into multimillionaires; the same ones who made right-wing radio stars multimillionaires; the same ones who made Alex Jones a multimillionaire.

    To be a multimillionaire in the USA, you don’t need to be smart or good at anything. You just need to spew hate/bigotry that the right wing drinks and they’ll make you rich. Just ask Sean Hannity.

  4. When’s it going to end?? Michigan governor had a group of Trump’s halfwit fanboys want to kidnap her and he basically endorsed it afterwards. And now they’re threatening the family of someone else who wouldn’t bow down to his bullshit and play his game. I wonder what Trump’s going to have to say about this incident.

    I’m genuinely concerned with the outcome of this election. If Trump gets re-elected, we’re all pretty much fucked. If he loses, we may have some kind of civil war on our hands when these idiots start to riot out of control and fight for these claims he’s already made of a rigged election.

  5. There’s a huge list of people who have gotten death threats and or need security due to death threats from trump supporters yet the media will give 500x’s more coverage to a garbage can being on fire during a protest.

    Why do Americans continue to let conservatives abuse us? Seriously I don’t get it. If republicans were the ones getting death threats they would be handled very differently.

  6. the only people with thinner skin than Trump himself is his supporters. bunch of fragile fucking snowflakes can’t stand to see their corruption daddy be treated like the piece of shit he is.

  7. Meanwhile r/conservative mocks CBS for editing an interview to make it better for tv while refusing to acknowledge that the un edited version didn’t make Trump look any better.

    Anyway, 7 days folks.

  8. Is the Republican party officially a terrorist organization yet? I mean, we all know it’s a Russian asset, we can probably live with that. But terrorism can’t be tolerated.

  9. Remember everyone that the parents of children killed in school shootings have received death threats. These horrible people have always existed.

  10. This is Donald Trump’s America. His cult wants this; everyone who doesn’t show obsequious deference to Dear Leader should fear for their lives.

  11. They’ll get angry when a madman kills someone for drawing a cartoon of Mohammed but see nothing wrong in killing someone for ~~insulting~~ any perceived insult to their own cult leader.


  12. “Very fine people…both sides.”

    About 12:01am ET on November 4th, Trump is going to claim victory and say that any news or change to the contrary is a coup attempt which should be resisted with force, if necessary.

  13. **Lesley Stahl:** “can you tell me what you meant by this statement? <verbatim statement from Trump>”

    **Trump:** “That is the most underhanded, insulting question I have ever heard in my entire life. I feel victimized, and can not continue this interview. Now I need to go to my safe space and work through the trauma you’ve just subjected me to. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

  14. GOP: Cancel Culture is bad and my freedom of speech!

    Also GOP: Starbucks is having a war on Christmas nobody buy from them! I don’t like what you are saying god says I can kill you.

  15. Crazy how some people can watch that interview with the whiny clown president and then think it is an adequate reaction to send death threats to the interviewer.

    All because the snowflake in chief cannot handle questions regarding his future “policies” and cannot admit that there is no plan besides lining his and the other republicans pockets.

  16. The right is literally mailing pipe bombs to democrats, trying to kidnap government officials, sending death threats to reporters for asking regular fucking questions, sending threats to Fauci and his family and openly supporting white supremacy. Then they have the audacity to say WE are the violent ones when we go out and protest injustice on the streets.

    Fuck these violent alt right monsters. That’s what they are, monsters.

  17. Over on r/conservative, they are literally posting about bringing guns to polling sites. This is after the fact that says right wing groups are behind the most terrorist attacks in the US.
    So I’m not too surprised about Lesley Stahl getting security protection. And the Michigan debacle. Really hope she’s safe!

  18. Watched this last night and was amazed at the professionalism and kindness Leslie Stahl afforded trump during the interview. She tried many times to bring forth even an ounce of humanity that even the coldest among us would respond to but there was nothing. Not a hint of a smile, not a hint of capitulation or bending from his path of talking points to try to be a normal person for even a second. just a completely angry defensive asshole mired in a fox news fueled dark existence.

    No sane person could watch that and think she didn’t try her best to bring out a presidential persona… but its just not there

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