Traumatized by 2016, Philly Democrats won’t let themselves believe polls that say Trump is about to lose

Traumatized by 2016, Philly Democrats won’t let themselves believe polls that say Trump is about to lose

Traumatized by 2016, Philly Democrats won’t let themselves believe polls that say Trump is about to lose

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  1. I’ve always found this silly. Vote no matter what. If you think you candidate has it locked up, vote to make it a landslide. If you don’t know whose going to win, vote and decide the outcome. If you think your candidate is going to lose, vote so the margin of defeat is smaller and put the other party on notice that they’re going to be watched and opposed.

    Voting is the right answer in any situation.

  2. Hilary Clinton destroyed Trump in Detroit BUT still got 70k less votes than Obama did. Trump got less votes in WI than Romney did. Trump won PA, WI, and MI by a COMBINED total of 84k. Point is….we turnout and vote, we win

  3. So, Trump isn’t the only thing on your ballot guys. There’s all the other Republican grifters and shady ballot measures you need to vote on. It goes all the way down to school board and sheriffs. Take part people and get your ass out and vote.

  4. The polls actually weren’t that far off for Pennsylvania. The day before the election, the polling averages had Hillary up 47% to 43%. The election went to Trump 49% to Hillary’s 48%. Notice that Hillary’s percentage was pretty spot on. She even gained a point.

    The problem was undecided voters who broke for Trump. The polling average had 10% of undecided/third party voters. Trump gained 6% from these and Hillary gained 1%. That was enough to put Trump over.

    As of today, the polling averages show Biden up 51% to 45%. That only leaves 4% undecided and, more importantly, Biden is above 50%. Even if Trump got all the undecided voters, Biden would still win Pennsylvania. (This is also true in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Nevada – enough to bring Biden to 270.)

    No, don’t let this make you complacent or think he’s assured victory, but also don’t let the 2016 Repeat Doomsayers make you so depressed that you think Biden will lose no matter what. Biden has a very good chance at victory so go out and vote.

  5. I advise everyone to ignore the polls. Vote like your lives and the lives of you children depend on it. Never stop voting, we will be dealing with the Trump death cult for years if not decades to come.

  6. Its good to see this attitude on Philly, but it’s not the two cities that constantly vote against PAs best interests. We have a large suburban and rural population that either fall for the propaganda or vote with hate.

  7. Truth. I’ve seen long lines outside city hall for voting every time I walk by.

    The “bad things happen in Philadelphia” line only made us vote more, even though it was pretty funny to hear it. But only we can talk shit on our city.

  8. I mean, yeah. I honestly won’t feel any sense of security till Biden is sworn in and in the White House in January.

  9. Philly can come out and vote as much it wants but its the Eries, Luzernes and Northamptons which will matter.

    Philly better come out and vote high numbers still..

  10. I can’t do this lol. Seeing trump lose in 96% or 87% (depending on what site you use) of outcomes every morning is what keeps me going

  11. I’m from rural PA, and it is Trump’s base of die hard supporters. I would not underestimate their enthusiasm in this election.

  12. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am SUPER skeptical about polls now.

    I won’t believe that he’s going to go until Joe’s been sworn in and Trump is crying in his room at Mar a Lago.

  13. We need to win by such a large margin that even if they contest some of the votes, invalidate the mail-in ballots or whatever other shenanigans they’re going to pull, we still won.

  14. Good. Don’t get complacent. Go out and vote! Don’t assume “Eh, the poll shows Trump losing, so I don’t need to worry about it.”

    Casting your ballot is the only way to make the poll come true.

  15. Due to all the voter suppression, especially by the Supreme Court and Republican legislatures , this election will be closer than polls indicate. Getting Trump out of office will take a huge effort on the part of the electorate. The Republicans know that they are within a hair’s breadth of a one party authoritarian state—they can taste it. Trump himself *needs* this job now to stay out of jail. Dislodging him and his enablers in congress will be a Herculean effort. We need ever vote. Mail in ballots should be all delivered at this point—don’t rely on the mail. Some “unexpected” postal slow downs will occur (despite the best efforts of the toiling men and women of the postal service). Drop that ballot off at an official box—preferable at one that is well protected (inside helps!). Encourage everyone you know to vote early in person if possible. Check with your local board of elections. Many places will let mail ballot voters vote early in person if you bring your mail ballot to the voting location and turn it in to be destroyed. Check though!

  16. If the polls are wrong again this year I will never believe them again.

    Admittedly I’m skeptical of them now because of 2016

  17. Good.

    This is the level of panic we needed to be feeling during the 2016 election.

    Apathy ain’t an option in representative republics like ours. Voting is literally the least you can do. It actually was never, ever an option.

    Vote. Every election, every time. Because you can bet that the lunatic fringe will.

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