In Canada, we’re worried about how powerful China and Russia will become if Trump wins again

In Canada, we’re worried about how powerful China and Russia will become if Trump wins again

In Canada, we’re worried about how powerful China and Russia will become if Trump wins again

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  1. Pretty worried about that too here in the USA.

    Guess the great people of Kentucky don’t give a lick considering their getting the bed ready for Serena Joy now.

  2. It is a frightening thought for many people around the entire world. Trump is so corrupt and the entire GOP at this point. I see no hope if Trump “wins”.

  3. > Since the end of the Second World War, the United States has underpinned the system that is the basis of international engagement: the international bodies such as the United Nations and this general idea of respecting sovereignty and doing diplomacy by treaties and mutually applicable rules.
    >That system is far from perfect, and the United States hadn’t always played fair or been the good guy. But without Big Brother USA walking the world with its big stick, that impact has never been clearer than in the past four years.

    Ever Since our dad went to the store go buy some cigarettes, we’ve had to look up to you….please don’t let us down

  4. The world economy has been established, and the world decided to allow China to manufacture everything.

    There’s no going back now.

  5. They should really be worried about China, Russia and *America*. The new Axis, or whatever anti-NATO name is appropriate.

  6. You should worry about a helluva lot more than that, neighbor. I would suggest building a wall and have us pay for it.

  7. Its funny, but I was just thinking which foreign language should I learn, Russian or mandarin? Doesn’t even matter if Trump losses, this empire is done. Mandarin is probably the better choice.

  8. We’re doing our best to get rid of him. I live in upstate NY, and, frankly, I’d like to visit Toronto again before I die.

  9. The biggest issue shouldn’t be the loss of our global hegemony. The biggest issue should be what he has done, and will do, to our country and institutions.

  10. To be honest, GDP of Russia is ridiculously low, they do spend a lot military wise and I know they try a lot of bullshit, but they are easily passed by financially.

    Fact: Their current military is nothing compared to what they had in soviet era.

    Fact: their “strong navy” was almost deemed useless by the loss of Crimea.

  11. If Trump wins, I’m less worried about China and Russia than I am about being in a country that borders a fascist country with the largest military in the world by a very wide margin. Historically, that hasn’t worked out well for countries.

  12. China is already becoming more powerful than the West every day because their citizens wore masks when it was necessary.

    So their economy is recovering while the West is being overrun in their hospitals.

    We’re seeing why Collectivism is infinitely better than Individualism. Sadly it took a plague to learn this.

  13. We in the US are also worried about what will happen if tRump wins again. Only we aren’t only worried about China and Russia.

  14. In my nightmare scenario, Canada will be facing the Chinese coming from the West, the Russians from the North, and the USA from the South (to ‘protect’ us of course). What Canada has is a lot of natural resources. What we don’t have is the people to defend them. We are at the mercy of countries who haven’t given much indication they have a lot of mercy to give.

  15. Canada doesn’t have their own government?

    we have enough problems down here. if you’re worried about China and Russia then maybe you should take some action. (???)

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