Republicans complain Democrats may expand Supreme Court, but GOP has done it at state level in recent years

Republicans complain Democrats may expand Supreme Court, but GOP has done it at state level in recent years

Republicans complain Democrats may expand Supreme Court, but GOP has done it at state level in recent years

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  1. This is simple really. Republicans claim they had the authority to block Obama’s nominee without even holding a vote and rush someone onto the court. This is true. Disregarding precedent, the law clearly allows for this to happen.

    The law also allows dems to pack the court. Precedent no longer matters, so let it not matter anymore. The authority exists. Use it

  2. Playtime is over. The GOP have shown that “legal” is the bar, not reason, logic, right or wrong. Impeach all unfit federal judges and the 3 Trump appointees all in the first month.

  3. At this point what Republicans say if they lose the election should be irrelevant. Any norm or precedent they want to invoke should be ignored. They won’t follow it if the shoe were on the other foot.

  4. They actually reduced the number of justices to 8. And then said they’d be fine keeping it at 8 if Clinton won. So they’ve already set precedent for modifying the number of justices. It’s time to increase the number so the majority of Americans are represented.

  5. They can keep complaining. If you play dirty, you should expect the people you’re screwing over to take appropriate action in response.

  6. Dems hafta come out swinging. Passive engagement has given the minority majority rule. The move on the court is calculated and will affect politics and livelihoods for probably two generations. Imma be an expat if we can’t work this shit out.

  7. Why is the MSM even reporting what fascist say?


    They will tell whatever lie they need to to manipulate the emotions of everyone they can.


    They are liars and con men. Giving voice to their words is a disservice to the nation and it’s honest citizens.


    Stop thinking with your tax cuts you greedy pricks.

  8. There is absolutely no reason not to at this point – the alternative is a court which enforces bad policy for a generation. Why would the Democrats put up with that?

  9. The GOP have been packing the courts since 2016. They were even still court packing by denying Obama a Supreme Court pick and many federal judge appointments his final year.

    All this crying is just typical projection designed to sound good to the casual political observer.

  10. We don’t have to listen to a goddam thing they ever say ever again. A foghorn should automatically sound anytime a Republican ever speaks again. There should be no place for them in polite political discourse after this.

  11. The Supreme Court can be expanded anytime a law saying so passes the House, The Senate, and is signed into law by the President. That is fully within the rules of the Constitution, and just because it hasn’t been done in a while doesn’t mean it can’t ever be again. If the Democrats expand the court after being swept into power, then it’s a campaign issue and voters can approve or disapprove in the next election.

  12. Republicans complain Democrats ~~may expand Supreme Court~~

    Republicans complain Democrats care about the environment

    Republicans complain Democrats give too many rights to people

    Republicans complain Democrats use fancy mustard

    Republicans complain Democrats talk too much

    Republicans complain Democrats talk to little

    Republicans complain Democrats aren’t spending enough on military

    Republicans complain Democrats are spending too much government money

    It doesn’t matter, the GOP and their ilk will find something, anything to complain about, no matter how insignificant.

    The court is already packed, the GOP broke it when they prevented Obama from appointing a judge, then rammed through two very flawed judges.

    If the GOP ever get control again, they will do this again, and again, and again to the Supreme Court. It’s already broken.

    So pack away

  13. I don’t give a shit about Republican complaints anymore. It’s clear they aren’t in good faith, so we shouldn’t have to listen to them once we get them out of power. It’s exactly how they treated us.

  14. Complaints now fall on def ears. I am done hearing the whines of how unfair it is if it is coming from the GOP. They died as a legitimate party today. They were god awful before, but today they stood as a blockade to democracy.

  15. We have 9 justices because there were 9 circuit courts the last time seats were added.

    We now have 13 circuit courts. Add four more seats. Pass a law that says there will be one SC judge for each circuit court.

  16. “Republicans complaining…”. Let me stop you right there…fuck the Republicans. Forever. Time for Democrats to drown them, the entire party, in a bathtub and leave them for dead. Once and for all.

  17. What a time to die, RIP and best condolences to Ruth, but what the actual fuck. It took like 8 months for democrats to get someone on and it takes this shitty Trump administration a month?

  18. Democrats biggest problem is that they listen to anything republicans are saying. Fuck the Republican Party and all who would support them. Pack the court and impose terms on all justices.

  19. Subverting the will of the people is a republican pastime. Cleaning up their mess and fighting to maintain a democracy is a democratic pastime.

  20. They’ve done it in the Supreme Court in the last 4 years, changing the number of justices to 8 for no fucking reason except pure power. Dems have to fight fire with fire.

  21. After what the Republicans have done with the Kavanaugh and Barrett nominations, they have no right to say anything about what Democrats may or may not do. When you govern reckless, you lose your right to have a say in the next party who governs.

  22. GOP logic in a nutshell: Its not bad / corrupt / illegal if WE do it! But if the Democrats do it? MASS HYSTERIA! Lock them up! Socialism! Etc, etc, etc.

  23. Time for Dems to start hitting back with the same brass knuckles we’ve been getting hit with for years.

    Pack the damn court, and then pass sweeping election reform that will rid the nation of gerrymandering, voter suppression, and dark money. Without those three pillars of cheating the GOP can never win.

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