Texas Supreme Court rules in favor of limiting ballot drop box locations

Texas Supreme Court rules in favor of limiting ballot drop box locations

Texas Supreme Court rules in favor of limiting ballot drop box locations

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  1. We are watching in Real time why the Right-wing has been obsessed with packing the courts.

    Its the last Chess move before checkmating Democracy

  2. Seems like this is clearly meant to disenfranchise voters, and will disproportionately impact more Democrats areas: Texas is in play, was just shifted from likely Republican to a toss-up… and Republicans choose to respond by limiting the ability of people to vote. This is the kind of stuff we see in banana republics.

  3. voter disenfranchisement at it’s finest. when Trump loses and Texas turns blue, have no fear, Abbott’s days will be numbered too.

    the overwhelming success of early voting, getting the young out to vote, etc. in our great state has gotten the Republicans running scared.

    see you next Tuesday.

  4. KEEP VOTING. Overflow that one ballot box per county with a flood of Biden votes that can’t be ignored.

    There has NEVER been a time in modern history when voting is more important. Texans, please save America before it’s too late.

  5. This sucks and it shouldn’t happen but don’t fixate on this right now. Just go vote in person. We’ll fix this mess later

  6. To be clear, this was only affecting three (admittedly large) counties: Harris, Travis and Galveston. They are the only counties I know of that had set up remote drop off sites.

    With that out of the way, voters who still have unsubmitted ballot should know that they have four options to get their ballots in fully:

    ***Option 1***: Bring the ballot with them to an Early Voting site, surrender the mail ballot to the clerk/judge, and then vote a full ballot in person. At this point, given the uncertainty that the USPS can deliver mail ballots to the county elections admins’ offices, take this route if it’s available.

    ***Option 2***: Hand-deliver the ballot to your registered county’s Early Voting Clerk office. Refer to your county’s official elections website for the location.

    ***Option 3***: Vote a Limited Ballot in the Texas county in which you live. If you requested a ballot from, say, Dallas County, because you go to TCU in Tarrant County, you can appear in person in Tarrant county’s Main Early Voting site and cast a Limited Ballot. The Limited Ballot won’t have all of the races you would’ve been eligible to vote on (like state Representative, State Senator, District/Municipal Judges, etc.), but it will have the races in which districts overlap between your new address and registered address. This option is only available between now and October 30. Limited Ballots will not be available after Friday night.

    ***Option 4***: Take your chances and mail the ballot using a contract carrier like UPS or FedEx, or the US Postal Service. Ballots are due to your county Early Voting Clerk by close of business November 3 – usually 7 PM.

  7. Doesn’t matter. People, fill up your gas tanks, get a blanket, chair, and snacks, and get in line at the nearest drop off location. No matter how long it takes. Our democracy is at stake.

  8. The Texas Supreme Court really just argued that having to wait in line for hours (and during a pandemic) is not an undue burden on voters.

    Vote every last one of these fuckers out, or you may never vote again.

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