An American Werewolf in London Is Still the Best Horror Reimagining | Den of Geek

An American Werewolf in London Is Still the Best Horror Reimagining | Den of Geek

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  1. Won tickets to see this at London zoo about 10 years ago.A fake zoo keeper showed us around to the wolf enclosure whilst talking about “the incident”they had a ton of props and artwork on display and a free bar!John Landis had recorded a video intro to show before the film. One of my favorites and maybe the first horror film i saw(maybe 12/13 way too young)

  2. The first transformation scene still holds up as one of the best in any Werewolf themed film.

    Also it’s more of a horror-comedy. And AFAIK, Landis created the idea, I don’t believe it was a reimagining or remake of anything.

  3. The overhead shot of the escalator in the abandoned station at night is still one of my all-time favorites.

    That whole scene is incredible.

  4. I had a DVD of this movie, but it wouldn’t play on any device I own so I sadly had to ~~throw it out~~ give it away 🙁 Someday I’ll see this movie.

  5. I watched a lot of horror movies as a kid. Probably too young but i wasn’t scared by horror classics at age 8 or so. The initial werewolf attack in this movie literally made me cower and scream for my mom to turn it off. The building of that tension, the sound design, the realism…still makes my bones chill

  6. I love this movie, one of my favorite horrors. The only “criticism” (not really a criticism as I don’t think it detracts from the movie) I have is that it ends out of nowhere lol. I still laugh at how sudden that movie ends.

  7. When this came out in the theaters, my friend just wanted to go it. I was such a chicken for any kind of horror movie and I knew there was a scene coming up when a door opens to a monster of some sort IIRC.
    My anxiety and fears took over and I had to leave maybe halfway through the movie. My friend stayed and I went into another theater and watched the rest of Arthur.
    I’ve since seen the entire movie and still laugh at 18 yo me.

  8. Blue Moooooon

    I love thinking that this movie may just be about a man dealing with psychosis after seeing his friend be murdered. Good movie.

  9. I was in Wales (UK) a few years ago and visited the actual location of the Slaughted Lamb. It’s a village called Crickadarn. Although the pub is just a house the rest of the location was used in other parts of the movie. Lived in London at the time of filming and walked some of the main locations everyday on my journey to work. Love this movie.

  10. Do you remember when The Mummy (2017) completely ripped off the idea of having the protagonist’s dead friend as an exposition and comic relief character?

  11. I watched it the other night. I really enjoyed it and the warewolf morphing scenes are great. The only thing is that I cannot stand that main character. He is like Ross from friends but not likeable or funny in the slightest. He really irritated me from start to finish. Some of the humor was a bit off aswell. I really liked the vibe overall and will watch again next halloween. The bit with the nazis werewolf was so fucking cool also, didn’t see that coming.

  12. Ive always thought this film was hard carried by its 3 werewolf scenes.

    Its humor is just waaaay too horny. Theres an awkwardly introduced sex scene that is literally over a minute long and you realized why most sex scenes are usually less than half of that. Theres ads for a prono all over london, and then the main character goes and watches it in a Porno Theater in Liecester Square when the HUGE cinema district they talked about earlier is also right there.

    Its got a weird tonal whiplash with some strange picks in music. Like I get the pun of Bad Moon Rising but also that song is SUPER tied into the vietnam war and really doesnt work for a guy who just being bored in an apartment.

    Also those guys are clearly up in the north at the start of the film and nowhere near London, so why did the hospital bring them so fucking far down? They’d have to pass like 3 major cities.

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