Coraline — The Greatest Halloween Movie Ever

Coraline — The Greatest Halloween Movie Ever

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  1. I adore this movie. I cosplay Coraline and i love that fans of this movie are so passionate and excited to see that character at cons (pre covid).

  2. This film is a masterpiece.

    The animation style really makes it work and it’s one of the reasons why it’s as iconic as it is, but I’m with the unpopular opinion camp that, with the right director (a Denis Villienuve, David Fincher-type), a live-action version would be absolutely incredible.

  3. I LOVE the visuals. I want to set up a Coraline-like theme for Halloween next year in my yard – black lights, flourescent shapes and decorations, etc.

  4. This was also one of the best (and earliest) 3D experiences I’ve ever had in a cinema.

    It was an example that 3D could be done right, and with proper depth. The scene of the tunnel opening to the other world was breathtaking and looked absolutely real. It was lovingly filmed.

  5. I screened Coraline for a bud and it gave him a panic attack 10 minutes in. For a horror movie, I think that’s a compliment? He said the art style was just too uncanny.

  6. This video is terrible, sorry to say.

    Also, no one’s read the book? it’s even worse cuz it takes place *in your head*.

  7. Really? I should probably give this a re-watch.

    I saw it once and thought it was bad due to “a video game plot” where she had to go to three parts of the house and do three things in each. Animation was really cool but thought the story was bare

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