Hundreds of Trump fans were stranded in freezing weather after his Omaha rally

Hundreds of Trump fans were stranded in freezing weather after his Omaha rally

Hundreds of Trump fans were stranded in freezing weather after his Omaha rally

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  1. This should be getting more attention. If Biden had a rally where a bunch of people were left stranded and at risk of hypothermia afterward, the headlines would be all over it and he’d be demonized for it.

    Trump does it, though, and it’s treated as if it’s business as usual.

  2. The hilarity is that everyone there will tell you that they had a great time and that it was worth it. They are that stupid. Even when it is plainly obvious that he doesn’t give a shit about them, they just smile and nod. He wasn’t wrong when he said ‘I could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters’.

    God damn people are stupid.

  3. [Elderly attendees at Trump’s Omaha MAGA rally being treated for *hypothermia* after AF1 departs. Attendees stuck trying to get out of airport hanger, waiting for delayed buses & walking 3.7 miles to airport economy parking lot. So far 9 rushed to ER.](

    I know we have 6 days left (6 years in Trump time), but if we are lucky enough to get this man out of office,I hope this is the final scene in the documentary of the Trump era.

  4. When I saw the headline, I thought to myself, man, the only thing worse for spreading a disease is if they huddled together in a warm, close confined space after freezing for hours…then I read the story

    Voila! Shuttle busses. Well done mr president, well done

  5. Nebraskan here. Our state is full of gullible idiots just like every other Trump state. I’m not surprised in the least about this.

  6. Everybody’s looking at this as “Trump doesn’t care about his supporters.” But I think the real lesson is that he’s surrounded by incompetent people who can’t handle basic logistics.

  7. Totally on brand for Trump. Use the supporters for the sound bite or photo op, then it’s full on “fuck them.” They will still support him even though he’s been freezing them out for almost 4 years.

  8. This entire debacle is a stunningly accurate metaphor for Trumpism and probably also the current state of Republicanism.

    *Wanna get 6,000 people into a rural airport for a rally? The overflow parking is 3.5 miles away?* Surely even a cash-strapped campaign like Donnie’s has the resources to pay for shuttles to and from the event. This isn’t a huge lift, but of course Trump’s campaign screwed this up through their patented combination of incomitance and cruelty. The audience is a political prop, used to justify free earned media and demonstrate the rabidity of Trump’s base. These people ceased to provide anything of value to him the moment the rally ended. *So why bother paying to shuttle them back? Who cares? They’ll figure it out.*

    I imagine that some of the attendees managed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make the 3.5 mile walk back to their cars. The rest of them? Fuck em. I’ve got mine.

    The rest left standing in the cold wondering how their leader failed them won’t learn a thing from this teachable moment. If they’re still standing in 6 days they’ll happily waltz right into the voting booth and cast their ballot for the man who willfully abandoned them in freezing weather.

  9. >“President Trump took off in Air Force One 1 hr 20 minutes ago, but thousands of his supporters remain stranded on a dark road outside the rally,”

    This is the most perfect one-sentence summary of what each and every one of the MAGA cult can expect from their sociopathic Dear Leader, right here:

    *Trump will use you until his ego and his administration doesn’t need you anymore, and then abandon you alone to your fate, in the dark, and in the cold.*

    Imagine being so weak, vile, and desperate that this is the leader you devote your life to…

  10. Wow, this goof has to *bus in* supporters to his super-spreader events; making them even more likely to contract COVID-19 and spread it?

    No wonder he’s claiming to have “ended the pandemic”. This dude is murdering his own supporters to pwn the libs.

  11. “Trump Leaves Supporters Standing Out in the Cold”. If that doesn’t perfectly sum it all up at the end of these four years, I don’t know what does.

  12. >”A reporter estimated that more than 6,000 people attended the rally,” [the Omaha World-Herald reports]( “Law enforcement and campaign sources estimated the crowd above 10,000. Trump said the crowd was 29,000.”

    So between 6,000 and 29,000 people attended? Sounds like his inauguration numbers.

  13. I have never seen a bunch of people both shit on AND have a shit eating smile. What a fucking weird cult. The humanity in me has been eclipsed by the George Carlin in me. These idiots deserve each other.

  14. If they really wanted to not be stranded out in the cold, they wouldn’t be. Just not trying. Oh, and don’t check the thermometer and it won’t be cold.

  15. That rally is like the perfect metaphor of a Trump campaign. He exaggerates the size of the event. Leaves his supporters out in the cold, once he got what he wanted. He jets off in first class comfort while they struggle to find their way in the dark. Some had to pull themselves by their bootstraps and walk when the poorly organized transportation didn’t work. They then complain about having to wait or walk a fairly short distance. But they still believe this was great because they showed the libs.

  16. It is just stunning to me that this utterly incompetent moron is sitting in the people’s house, self dealing and enriching his friends and family.

  17. Obama’s fault again!

    The Democrats left this bad weather. Trump has been been trying to fix for 4 years.
    If he gets reelected, we are going to have the most beautiful weather!

  18. > “A reporter estimated that more than 6,000 people attended the rally,” the Omaha World-Herald reports. “Law enforcement and campaign sources estimated the crowd above 10,000. Trump said the crowd was 29,000.”

    Yep, noting new under the sun here. Imagine the chaos if there were actually as many attendees as Trump was claiming!

  19. I think we all know Joe Biden would’ve stayed up all night talking to each and every one of them, likely catching pneumonia, ensuring that they’re not left alone until they can get out safely.

  20. “This is the Dem’s fault!”

    This is perfectly emblematic of Trump’s style of leadership and his organizational priorities.

    Man’s never walked 3.2 miles home in the cold in his life. He’s always had a plane on the tarmac right behind him ready to sweep him away to his next ‘very important engagement’ at a moments notice. He doesn’t plan for possibilities like this because scenarios like this are pure fantasy to him. He gets the miracle covid treatment and you get jack shit.

    Meanwhile his supporters walk home in the cold blaming everybody else but him.

    This is what happens when you follow a grifter in to battle, they leave you abandoned on the battlefield.

  21. Saw some comments on r/Omaha and r/Nebraska from someone that claimed to have been there saying “we were all fine, if you didn’t anticipate getting frostbite why were you there.” And I feel like that kind of sums of Omaha Republicans.

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