Omaha Trump Rally Attendees Stranded, Several Taken to Hospital Suffering Hypothermia

Omaha Trump Rally Attendees Stranded, Several Taken to Hospital Suffering Hypothermia

Omaha Trump Rally Attendees Stranded, Several Taken to Hospital Suffering Hypothermia

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  1. A lot of comments on the main story here, but what about the background one?

    With a week to go till the election is over, Trump is campaigning in Nebraska?

    The only electoral vote in question would be Nebraska’s 2nd (Omaha and suburbs). And that is just one vote. The other 4 are his for sure.

    What does his internal polling show that he is going out of his way to try to get one E.C. vote?

  2. Cost cutting measure. His campaign is out of money and donors are bailing out. He probably figured since he paid to get them there and paid a lot of them to go, they could find their own way home.

    The city of Omaha should send him a bill for having first responders sort that mess out.

  3. And from trump not one single fuck will be given.

    He doesn’t care. He does not care if they get Covid, he does not care if they are stranded, left in the cold to freeze.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  4. Surely the cops in Omaha have better things to do than shuttle trump suckers around after their precious little Two Minutes Hate rally? I mean, they got there on their own. What happened to the party of “personal responsibility”? *edit for spelling*

  5. >“President Trump took off in Air Force One 1 hr 20 minutes ago, but thousands of his supporters remain stranded on a dark road outside the rally,”

    This is the most perfect one-sentence summary of what each and every one of the MAGA cult can expect from their sociopathic Dear Leader, right here:

    *Trump will use you until his ego and his administration doesn’t need you anymore, and then abandon you alone to your fate, in the dark, and in the cold.*

    Imagine being so weak, vile, and desperate that this is the leader you devote your life to…

  6. Wait a second…We’re less than a week from Election Day and a Republican incumbent president is holding a rally in fucking Nebraska??? Who in the hell planned this?

  7. Trump campaign arranges for buses to take people to the rally, but ditches them the second Trump is done with them? Yup, that sounds about right for Trump.

  8. They served their purpose as backdrops to the political theater – not they can just pull themselves up by the bootstraps and find their cars.

    After all, we can’t want them to be in a shuttle more than they themselves want to be in a shuttle.

    If they aren’t willing to put in the work, they don’t deserve to be successful.


  9. I heard reports that they waited for hours in the freezing rain just to get in, then they couldn’t get out? No wonder they got hypothermia. I guess it really is a death cult..

  10. I love how you never find a r/conservative commenter in a thread such as this. They truly can’t defend the actions of Trump on this one as these poor, indoctrinated, people are suffering from going to a Trump rally.

  11. Lol…. imagine being “willing to die for your beliefs”……

    ….. then it almost happens by having no insurance and getting hypothermia while waiting for a campaign bus to take you back to your trailer after catching COVID from a Trump rally.

    As a “lib” I feel so fucking owned….

  12. 20 degree temperatures and a 3 mile walk in the dark is nothing for trump supporters. The fire of hate that fuels them should keep them warm. Donny has tough love for y’all

  13. I don’t feel bad for laughing about this.

    These people support an impeached president orphaning children, giving female immigrants nonconsensual hysterectomies, tear gassing and beating legit peaceful protestors and letting nearly 250,000 Americans die from willful negligence.

    Like fuck em. Straight up.

  14. This sincerely hurt my heart. I don’t agree with Trump supporters who are my age. They’re trash. Elderly people who vote trump are also trash but they’re still old. You can’t just treat humans like they’re disposable!

    Tbh idk why it surprises me. Nothing this president has ever done says “I care about your lives” so why start today.

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