Poll: Biden has five-point edge in Georgia

Poll: Biden has five-point edge in Georgia

Poll: Biden has five-point edge in Georgia

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  1. Monmouth hadn’t shown Biden in the lead in Georgia yet, so this is very interesting.

    Also, Ossoff is nearing 50%, and the race has swung heavily from the 6 point lead Perdue had in September and July.

    **This race has now become all about turnout.**

    **If you have friends in Georgia, MAKE SURE THEY VOTE AND VOTE EARLY**

  2. GOP really shit the bed by trying to fuck with everyones votes. They just created a even bigger Blue wave by the people that are saying, “you aren’t going to fuck with my vote!” Go Georgia Go!

  3. If 2020 turns into a Clinton-level rout Biden might even win a few more Southern states.

    Trump is flailing, and with this stock market crashing on the week before election Trump’s core support might start falling away. That 35% core support nationwide could fall to 25% or lower — it did for GWB.

  4. Trump loses GA? That means he’s got to win PA and AZ and NC….AND either MI or WI…

    God, if this were a normal year I’d be feeling okay.

  5. Georgia has been a cluster fuck when it comes to voting.
    My dad had to go over a 150 miles around 3 towns because they kept giving him the run around. He played their game and got his vote in, but I can imagine how disheartening it can be for many others who don’t have the time to play these stupid games.

    If you are in GA. Keep pushing to get your voices heard and do whatever it takes. If you have to raise hell then do it. But make sure you get that vote gets in the ballot box!

  6. I’ve had Georgia on my mind since James Carville said last night on MSNBC that he was very confident about it. Would be interesting to see a blue Georgia on the map.

  7. Almost as big- Ossoff is up 3 and Warnock is polling better than the sum of the (R) candidates, with 7% going to other (D) candidates. They did head to heads and he won them both.

    If GA delivers its electoral votes and two Senate seats it will be the hero of 2020.

  8. I think Trumps in deep shit in Georgia, it was basically the only close state Hillary got closer than Obama and that was without the suburbs revolting against Trump like they have since. Combined with the Dems clearly going all-in on funding because of the double Senate races.

  9. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 77%. (I’m a bot)
    > A Monmouth University poll released Wednesday – six days from Election Day – reports that 50 percent of Georgia registered voters prefer Biden, while 45 percent favor Trump.

    > A Monmouth model forecasting a high level of voter turnout shows Biden leading Trump by 4 percentage points, 50-46 percent.

    > In the previous version of the Monmouth Georgia poll, published last month, Trump narrowly led Biden among registered voters, 47-46 percent; under the high likely turnout model, 48-46 percent; and under the low likely turnout model, 50-45 percent.

    [**Extended Summary**]( | [FAQ]( “Version 2.02, ~535231 tl;drs so far.”) | [Feedback]( “PM’s and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.”) | *Top* *keywords*: **percent**^#1 **model**^#2 **turnout**^#3 **Biden**^#4 **vote**^#5

  10. I know they factor in “likely voters” and “registered voters” but have they factored in “Kemp shenanigans” yet?

  11. I would love to see it but there always seems to be 2-4% republicans hiding. Out there voting without people figuring out how to account. Any red state with a Biden lead less than 3-5% I don’t consider him leading in

  12. It’s a growing number of really surprisingly good polls for Biden the last couple of days. It seems like real momentum in that direction.

  13. I’ll believe it when I see it. This may be good for morale and keeping up energy, but there’s only one poll that actually matters. Don’t celebrate yet! VOTE! If you’ve already voted (and you probably have if you’re reading this and you’re in a state that allows it), then get others to vote!

  14. Don’t believe these things actually don’t even read them, go an vote blue like your life depends on it because it does.

  15. If you drill down into the poll, margin of error is given as:

    >plus or minus 4.4 percentage points

    So it’s basically a statistical tie, which is surprisingly good new news in Georgia. But go and vote anyway.

  16. As someone who lives in the suburbs, and all of the travelling I’ve done this year has been within the state, I find this exceptionally hard to believe. Sure, silent majority or whatever, but these maga fucks are obnoxiously everywhere.

  17. It seems especially prescient that Bloomberg targeted Ohio and Texas with his ad buys for the final week – these are the two lean Trump states in 538s forecast closest to flipping right now.

  18. I’m calling voters every night and it’s close but don’t believe the polls. Lots of people voting all red. Volunteer if you can this weekend, make sure your family and friends Re boring, check back in with them on Election Day to make sure they have voted.

  19. Nice to hear, but I fully expect Georgia to go to Trump. Even if Biden wins the popular vote in the State, I expect the EC of Georgia to make Trump their choice.

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