The Five Most Damning Things Jared Kushner Told Bob Woodward About Trump’s COVID Strategy

The Five Most Damning Things Jared Kushner Told Bob Woodward About Trump’s COVID Strategy

The Five Most Damning Things Jared Kushner Told Bob Woodward About Trump’s COVID Strategy

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  1. From the article:

    Kushner told Woodward on April 18 that “the most dangerous people around the president are over-confident idiots,”


    Pot called the kettle black

  2. How the fuck can conservatives criticize Hunter Biden and yet be totally ok with someone who’s only qualification is “banging the President’s daughter” being in such a senior White House position?

    Honestly there’s a part of me that wants to see Biden give Hunter a job in the White House, just so we can watch the heads explode at Fox News. But that won’t happen, because Democrats are professionals, and hire professionals to staff the government, whereas Republicans hire their donors and family members.

  3. The delusional mindset is actually kind of interesting.

    These people are so used to pushing other people around and getting their way that they just can’t operate when natural law (biology) is completely impervious to the whims of their self-will.

  4. “The president also is very smart politically with the way he did that fight with the governors, to basically say, ‘No, no, no, no, I own the opening,’” Kushner explained in his April 18 interview. “Because again, the opening is going to be very popular. People want this country open.

    Turns out the president wasn’t all that smart. He opened the economy and caused the pandemic to spiral out of control. Ultimately he lost the battle and the out of control virus buried any short term gain he got from opening the economy too soon. For months after that he’s been followed around by his failure on the pandemic.

  5. Jared Kushner is lucky that he is too dumb to know how dumb he is. Unfortunately, everyone else knows how dumb he is and has seen the consequences of it result in the deaths of countless Americans due to his botched Covid response. If there is any justice in life he will be made to pay for it at some point.

  6. I think Donny is just jealous of Jared. You know, if Ivanka “wasn’t his daughter”, he would date her because she’s “hot”.

  7. >Trump was going to “own the opening,” but shun responsibility for the risks posed by doing so.

    This is very on brand for Trump. I believe he’s expressed a similar sentiment to Billy Bush.

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