U.S. adds 73K more cases; Dr. Anthony Fauci says end of COVID-19 ‘not even close’

U.S. adds 73K more cases; Dr. Anthony Fauci says end of COVID-19 ‘not even close’

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  1. We’re at a record high and still climbing. It’s completely out of control. The exact opposite of what the White House is claiming. America can trust neither Trump nor the GOP.

  2. [Trump repeats claim ‘Covid, Covid, Covid’ dominates news to undermine his campaign](

    Jan Brady: Well all I hear all day long at school is how great Marcia is at this or how wonderful Marcia did that, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

    Some video artiste needs to paste trump’s audio over the Jan Brady video.

  3. “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

    – George Orwell

  4. Everyone needs to buckle up until 2022, that’s the earliest we can expect global vaccination and things to actually go back to “normal”.

  5. And I’m supposed to take his word over the President of the United States? It’s clear Faucci has an agenda! Just look at how he flip flopped on masks! /s

  6. My school district is pushing to start bringing kids fully back while they’ve been in hybrid and doing ok so far with managing the cases but our community case counts have been in the red since before school started. They only started hybrid instead of virtual because our local health department said we were at orange level at that time. They have since updated their charts and case counts to show that magically they missed a bunch of cases at that time and we should’ve been in the red even back in August. Low and behold, as soon as the school announced a return our number mysteriously dropped right back into orange but by other sources we’re still very much in the red. The school again stated we wouldn’t bring the kids back unless we remained in orange. My bet is that after they bring the kids back they will find a mistake and the numbers will get updated to show we were in the red all along. (The schools have said both in the beginning and now that moving first out of virtual into hybrid and now out of hybrid into virtual will only depend on the color status of that week and once they’re back they won’t go back out regardless). There is no mask requirement in my state or county and very few give a crap about taking any precautions.

  7. It feels as if it will just be March again in parts of the United States but just no shutdowns and we pretend everything is normal.

    I want out of America so bad

  8. How many untested asymptomatic carriers are running around? Further how many low symptom yet infected denialists are going about their day?

    This is going to keep climbing and climbing until there’s either no hosts left to infect or the nation starts cutting off these transmission vectors by catching infections early or embracing individual means of reducing transmission.

  9. Fauci needs to break free and tell the brutal truth…that this will not get better to the point of any semblance of normalcy till mid 2022

  10. Pretty sure Fauci just said we are still in the first wave. Everyone just please trust the scientists! They know what the hell they’re doing.

  11. I’m never going to be able to travel again, am I? Hell, I tried to send snail mail to Cuba yesterday and the PO said Cuba isn’t accepting mail (or people!) from the US. I knew about people because I’ve been waiting to go back, but didn’t know about the mail. Other countries are able to get to Cuba.

  12. Huh. Looks like it finally hit rural America like it did the cities. It’s not like they had ample time to prepare as they could see it spreading into the center of the US. No clearly it was a sudden instantaneous rise in infection that could never have been predicted or presented

  13. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 81%. (I’m a bot)
    > Oct. 28 – The United States' top infectious diseases expert says the COVID-19 pandemic isn't even close to being finished, as another 73,000 cases were added nationwide – bringing the tally for the past week well over a half-million.

    > For weeks, Fauci and other top health experts have warned of rising cases in the coming months as the pandemic enters a period of colder weather, when more people gather indoors, and flu season.

    > Fauci said he'd hoped the United States would use the summer to get a better grip on the health crisis before the winter months, but said "We are not well positioned" to handle the outbreak over the next few months.

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  14. Ugh. I’ve been telling my dad for fucking months that we are in no way close to reaching herd immunity and that trying to do so will be catastrophic. He keeps insisting that we’ve got to be close to which I keep comparing the global infection number to global population number and yet we keep having the same conversation.

  15. “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

    George Orwell

  16. >Tuesday, President Donald Trump listed “ending the pandemic” as one of the accomplishments of his first term.

    L-O-fucking-L, bro

  17. At our first peak in daily new cases, we were at about 35k new cases a day with a peak of about 2700 deaths in one day two weeks after that.

    Even now, two weeks ago we had 53000 new cases in one day, but we’re only up to about 1000 deaths in one day. Cases are up because our testing capacity is much greater than it was at the beginning of the pandemic. Deaths have been pretty flat for about two months now.

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