Twitter is Going Crazy Over This Video of Trump and Melania Kissing Because Something is Very OFF

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There has been so much talk on Twitter lately about Melania using a body double that we actually had to cover the rumor last weekend. We emphasized like 400 times that we didn’t know if it was true, and we wrote the story about the rumor. Indeed, we were contacted by USA Today this week about our “Article on Melania’s Body Double” to which I somewhat defensively said, “We wrote an article about Twitter exploding about it and said it was a rumor a million times, and that we had no facts.”

In fairness, they were nice about it. And admitted we were right after looking into it. THEY published a big thing today that trended number one for a long time that basically said it was all false and she doesn’t use a body double.

So that’s a LONG way of explaining that once again we find ourselves explaining that – despite the fact that the number one trending thing on USA Today this morning being that Melania doesn’t use a body double – the internet is exploding over a weird video, that might be weird if only because Trump and Melania are showing actual affection (boy, if there was ever a reason to doubt …)

So, we KNOW that at least according to USA today and Buzzfeed, the body double thing is all bullshit, and despite the fact that WE have no facts to prove otherwise, we find ourselves again reporting that the internet is going nuts over a video that seems “wrong” even if it’s not a double:

What do I see? A big fat guy doing too much PDA with a decent looking woman for no particular reason except in a desperate hope to look like a badass in Pennsylvania, how about THAT as an answer?

Here is the typical response, and there are thousands:

Now, one could say that if USA Today only called up the White House and asked, does Trump ever use a Melania body double? And heard, “No, that is not done.” You could then legitimately say that their fact check means nothing. Last night Trump said doctors get paid $2000 more for COVID deaths, so, one could easily disbelieve them. But the USA Today story used way more sources and seemed to genuinely look at it.

Another example?

And there are also some seriously BIG people testing this rumor too.

Like former Newsweek columnist Kurt Eichenwald:

Actor Ken Olin:

TV Personality Jillian Barberie:`

Again, there are thousands of these and again, according to USA Today and BuzzFeed, they are all wrong. WE have no proof at all that they use a body double, we are reporting both sides of the argument.

And that’s damned well all we’re going to do.


Peace, y’all
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