As Trump Refuses to Concede, His Campaign Displays Its Dwindling Relevancy in Parking Lot of a Random Landscaping Company in Philly

As Trump Refuses to Concede, His Campaign Displays Its Dwindling Relevancy in Parking Lot of a Random Landscaping Company in Philly

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  1. This episode completely sums up the Trump presidency. They do no planning (reserve time at the four seasons). Make a big announcement (we have a major press release at the four seasons). Learn they fucked up (no you can’t have your press release here). Scramble to save face and pretend that this was the plan all along even though it is a ridiculous situation (hey, lets have the press release at the four seasons lawn care business). Then blame the media for bias.

  2. > We all knew Trump would be a sore loser, but somehow it feels even more pathetic to see these empty attempts to project victory and confidence—especially since he is still hiding his face and has yet to face the public.


  3. >Networks don’t get to decide the election. Courts do.

    God it get me incensed every time I hear those word dribble out of Giuliani’s waste of time hole.

    Courts don’t decide the election either you shitbird. People do.

  4. Sandwiched between a crematorium and dildo store. As a metaphor for the Trump presidency it is absolute *chef’s kiss* perfection.

    I’d like to shake the hands of the idiot intern (only the best people) that booked it and the employee that took the booking and said nothing.

  5. The only reason that the GOP is still going on with this outrage is that they are using it to solicit funds from their followers.

  6. It’s not some random landscaping company, it’s a now famous landscaping company. If I ever visit Philly, I will make sure to stop by and see their renowned adult book store and dildo shop.

  7. They probably booked that location because his campaign is broke. I doubt they have Four Seasons money. They are fundraising to pay off campaign debts more than anything.

  8. Holy shit I thought the parking lot thing was a joke. Whenever I think there’s no possible way these guys can be any more stupid, they go and surprise me by lowering the bar even further.

  9. >set up in the parking lot of the landscaping building, “nestled between a crematorium and an adult film store,

    LMAO. Exactly the sort of spot they belong.

  10. Four Seasons Total Landscaping – PA’s best manure!

    What’s behind that garage door? Mountains of Bullshit! What’s standing in front of it? The Same!

  11. > Dwindling Relevancy

    I’d like to see the media either stop, or really back off on covering 45 and his associates, family etc.

    Maybe send the intern reporters & crew instead of the professionals?

  12. Trump is unemployed and somehow it is just now getting around to people that he doesn’t pay for venues, and is out of money, so venues are asking for money upfront, the only thing you could afford is landscapers parking lot across from the dildo store

  13. I know I’m stating the obvious, but how incompetent do they look holding a press conference outside a landscaping company NEXT TO AN ADULT BOOKSTORE!

    They could have just changed the venue to a different hotel, but no in typical Trump campaign fashion they doubled down on the mistake and didn’t do their homework. Unless of course the plan was to go there all along, which would be even more bizarre.

  14. It’s so effing weird. Any self-respecting person would have canceled and re-scheduled something else. Anything else. They could have gone to a park ffs. Nobody does this. It’s a flipping industrial district. There’s no reason to be there. At all.

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