VIDEO: Enraged Patriots Rout Antifa, BLM After Repeated Attacks On Trump Supporters

VIDEO: Enraged Patriots Rout Antifa, BLM After Repeated Attacks On Trump Supporters

Members of the Proud Boys and other conservative organizations became fed up with violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacks on the vulnerable, children, and the elderly in Washington following Saturday’s massively successful Million MAGA March, and took to the streets to confront and repel the left-wing mobs of masked cowards.

Video footage of young couples, children and senior citizens being attacked by masked gangs in dozens of separate incidents, coupled with the attempts of BLM and Antifa to harass Trump supporters inside bars and hotels by yodeling and flashing laser pointers into windows, spurred the Proud Boys into action Saturday evening.

Antifa and BLM did not seem prepared for mutual combat with fighting-age men, and despite outnumbering the Proud Boys they were routed with ease and fled screaming into the night while begging for police protection.

One BLM rioter wielding a knife was knocked unconscious for her trouble, and had to be assisted by the police.

When caught without their police escort, things did not go well for Antifa and BLM, as they were beaten by patriots yelling “F**k Antifa!”

Following the brawl, the Proud Boys celebrated with chants of “F**k Antifa” and held aloft a broken skateboard taken from one of the rioters as a trophy.

Whenever the mutual combat began going south for Antifa, DC Metro police quickly stepped in to break up the fisticuffs.

BLM activists have taken to Twitter to express anguish over members of their movement being slapped around after a full day’s worth of violent attacks on Trump supporters.

Infowars has announced a celebratory block party near the center of tonight’s unrest as a statement of victory for the day.

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