U.S. senators seek to stop Trump’s $23 billion in arms sales to UAE

U.S. senators seek to stop Trump's $23 billion in arms sales to UAE

U.S. senators seek to stop Trump‘s $23 billion in arms sales to UAE

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  1. Remember month or so ago, the Israel /UAE agreement?

    New “economic opportunities”? They talked about in a so called peace treaty between 2 countries that had never been at war with each other?

    This is what they meant. The US can now sell billions of more in weapons bc Israel has recognized the UAE.

    trump’s idea of a peace treaty.

  2. What has UAE given to Trump or Kushner to make Trump try to rush this through?

    Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass what happens over there, and what benefits himself and his daughter.

  3. >Democratic Senators Bob Menendez and Chris Murphy and Republican Senator Rand Paul will introduce four separate resolutions of disapproval of President Donald Trump’s plan to sell more than $23 billion worth of Reaper drones, F-35 fighter aircraft and air-to-air missiles and other munitions to the UAE.

    But Jared worked hard on those deals, and he already spent his bribes.

  4. Soooo selling state of the art stealth fighter jets and attack drones to an Authoritarian Dictatorship that panders to religious conservatives among Sunnis from which most/pretty much all international Islamic terrorists come from will make America Great??

    A ton of bribes involved with this for sure

  5. The UAE has a huge number of SE Asians whose passports are immediately taken away from them when they arrive, and they are physically, mentally, and emotionally violated in what is basically slavery. They are unable to seek outside help and are unable to leave the country without their ~~owner’s~~ “sponsor’s” permission.

    The UAE enslaves humans, and we give them guns and money because of oil.

  6. This is a component of the Abraham Agreement and it’s what Jared Kushner has negotiated…


    We are selling PReditor Drones to the UAE… who could easily “Lose them” or have them “Stolen” – Predator Drones also contain very coveted technology that UAE could reverse engineer and sell via backdoor deals and back channels…

    This isn’t just a very bad idea, it’s a horrific dystopian nightmare.

  7. The UAE is peaceful country and never involved in wars because our country never supported any terror group or any act of violence!!!
    What is the problem of selling arms to it ????

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