Nation Cheers on Brian Williams’ Evisceration of Trump After It’s Suggested Covid Vaccine Should Be Named for Trump

Nation Cheers on Brian Williams' Evisceration of Trump After It's Suggested Covid Vaccine Should Be Named for Trump

It was damned impressive.

Brian Williams has had some ups and downs as a journalist. There is a reason he is hosting the 11:00 p.m. show on MSNBC and not the main broadcast on NBC, and hosting election coverage on MSNBC and not the big network. He made a mistake a journalist just can’t make. He pretty well made up a story and talked about it on-air.

Most of us will make up some kind of story today, for many of us it will involve some reason we cannot split that pile of logs or clean the garage. But we aren’t Brian Williams, nor do our stories go out to millions relying on our word as the truth.

But Brian Williams didn’t get where he is in life without one hell of a lot of other gifts, one of which he is very trustworthy, mistake acknowledge. Moreover, he is far more of an “everyday” guy than most big anchor “men” and that’s an advantage. He’s a huge Springsteen fan, loves NASCAR (?), and is so funny he might’ve been able to make it in stand-up comedy.

But last night wasn’t about being funny. It was about telling some deep truths with some light comments. It took him less than a minute to bang the internet so hard that it’s still reverberating. He hit it hard with his summation of all things Trump and especially all things Trump and COVID.

Yesterday we covered Geraldo Rivera’s absurd idea to name the vaccine after Trump, primarily to make the big baby feel better after getting a good ass-kicking. But also in recognition of all the things Trump has done to make losing near 260,000 Americans almost like it never happened. It took Trump to make it “so easy” on the rest of us. Geraldo also thinks it took Trump to get the vaccine made so quickly: More below video

That was brilliant.

And we are very very tired of hearing about “Operation Warp Speed” as if it was Operation Overlord. There is not a single person reading this who would not have lifted every restriction they recommended to get that vaccine out as soon as possible to save lives that were falling dead by the day. Not one. So we’re tired of him taking credit for the vaccine. Trump is acting like he lifted this country out of the Great Recession from 2010 to 2012 or something hard.

We also know that it had everything to do with the election. Trump would have had far more “patience” and openness to heard immunity if this occurred late in year one.


Peace, y’all
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