Trump reportedly told an ally he knows he lost the 2020 election but wants revenge on Democrats for disputing his 2016 win

Trump reportedly told an ally he knows he lost the 2020 election but wants revenge on Democrats for disputing his 2016 win

Trump reportedly told an ally he knows he lost the 2020 election but wants revenge on Democrats for disputing his 2016 win

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  1. But the Democrats didn’t dispute the 2016 win. Clinton conceded that night.

    There was massive foreign intervention, and the Democrats rightly pursued an investigation of that. I would think the Republicans would be interested in investigating foreign intervention in U.S. elections as well….

  2. He is really fucking it up for all Americans. Small businesses will close. Restaurants will need to temporarily shut down while this asshole had an opportunity to help sign a stimulus bill before the holidays.

  3. I’m so sick of this man, his cult, his family, and his bootlickers that my stomach actually turns when I see his face on news stories. It is great that he lost but it hurts my soul to know that he will continue to be in headlines for years to come while all of the investigations happen. I would give anything for a complete media blackout of all mentions, photos, and updates about him.. kinda how the entertainment news people canceled Heidi and Spencer all those years ago.

  4. For the 90000000000000000th time, there was no one in power declaring that Trump didn’t win the election in 2016.

    Plenty of people accused him and his campaign of wrongdoing, at least some of which has been proven to be true. Plenty of people brought up the point that he handily lost the popular vote, which he did.

    But no one with any credibility on the table tried to say that he actually lost the election.

  5. And he doesn’t mind crashing American democracy in the process. Will somebody please remove this traitorous criminal from the White House.

  6. Funny, cuz we’re going to find out that he won 2016 because of Russia if it gets investigated by a fair and truly independent counsel.

  7. The difference is in 2016 there was substantial proof that Russia interfered with the election and that members of the Trump campaign aided in that effort.

    In this election, Trump himself interfered with the election by intentionally crippling the post office to prevent mail in ballots from being received.

    The only way Trump knows how to “win” is to cheat.

  8. This “Democrats disputed the 2016 election” narrative is sure getting a lot of play. Assuming it isn’t just 100% bullshit, maybe he’s talking about the popular vote? No one (of any note at least) said the results should be reversed due to Russian interference.

  9. But he’s cementing and amplifying the Biden win. His failing legal attacks are underscoring how large and legitimate the Biden victory was. He’s putting a neon border around his own humiliation.

  10. Democrats didn’t dispute his win… he was the one who created a task force to “prove” he also won the popular vote. If anyone disputed his 2016 election it was him. Is he mad that Democrats didn’t pretend that he also won the popular vote to spare his feelings?

  11. He’s making it easier to ignore those who say we should just move on, and go ahead and prosecute him for the 10 cases of Obstruction of Justice detailed in the Mueller Report.

  12. He cannot even Lose with decency. He is a Loser even at Losing. And still the cult marches on with their insanity.
    He has no redeeming qualities, nothing intelligent, heroic or admirable in his life.
    His family are hideous brats and bottom feeders like him.
    An absolute septic tank of a family who have no interest in bettering the environment or the global good and make policies that are almost directly against the cults well-being and still they dumbly linger on with the uniform trucks with flags and vile men and women parroting him over and over.
    The man is a Sex offender , not just rumoured but he is. He is a fraudulent and disgusting fake of a businessmen. There is nothing to like about him. I am not against for him any reason other than he is the antithesis of everything that is good or worthwhile in the world and although I do not agree with violence his kind deserve no mercy and need to be held accountable for their crimes and the misery amd suffering that they have caused in various spheres of influence due to the criminal activities and mis management on their watch. Justice must be served for people to put this conman behind them. Maybe if he is convicted of the various crimes and his family then there will be concrete proof of how much of a disgusting being he is and how crappy his organisation is and possibly then the cult will find something else to do.

  13. I hear this complaint from republicans, but it doesn’t hit home for me. Dems may have *resented* that Trump won, and they investigated credible evidence of Russian involvement, but they never acted as though Trump didn’t actually *occupy the office of President*. And yes – they impeached him. But again – in order to be impeached as President, you have to first be President. So that’s just another tacit acknowledgement. (And obviously, republicans impeached Bill Clinton, so they’re again being disingenuous about their own argument). If anything, dems objected to Trump’s abuse of the office – a literal acknowledgement that he was, indeed, President. What republicans seem to object to is that Dems acted like the opposition party, and weren’t obsequious to Trump. Well – too bad. Criticism is part of the game. Don’t be such snowflakes. But Dems as a party never tried to sell the literal claim that Hillary Clinton had won the election, and was the President, or would be arriving to occupy the White House January 21, 2017. Once again, republicans are gaslighting, lying, and projecting, in defense of a corrupt and anti-democratic President.

  14. Should Americans care for a second about his rationale? No. Just fucking hasten his exit and don’t let him drag us down in a temper tantrum. Do you allow a kid to destroy your house when they don’t get their way?

  15. He wants *revenge* on the *Democrats* for the fact that Russia interfered in his favour in the 2016 election, and he’s pursuing that by publicly humiliating himself with childish whining about his emphatic 2020 loss? That doesn’t make a bit of sense

  16. Truth is, he’s a loser and he doesn’t know how to handle it with grace and dignity because he’s never had to actually answer for anything in his life. He’s always been in a protected bubble and has never really paid a price for anything he’s done. And as reality comes crashing down on him, he’s utterly lost. So he acts like a 5 year old does when you take away their toys. Jan. 20, 2021 can’t come soon enough.

  17. Nope, I’m calling bullshit because it was *Trump* who disputed the 2016 election claiming that he had millions more votes than he actually did and that he actually beat Clinton in the popular vote. Then he lied about the crowd sizes at his inauguration.

    This dude gaslights even when he’s not trying.

  18. Oh we’re not done with 2016 either Donald, glad you brought that up, we will have a lot of questions for you to answer about that. I sure hope we see him in front of a judge one day.

  19. HIS ENTIRE PRESIDENCY WAS ABOUT REVENGE. That’s exclusively why he ran for president and exclusively the goal of every policy, pardon, and every word spoken during the last 4 years. Now all that’s left of the Republican party is “fuck the democrats”. That’s it. All other core values they had are out the window.

  20. Democrats *never* disputed the election results. Not once.

    They knew there was foreign meddling in the election, and they want to deal with it, but that never came down to doubting the integrity of the election itself.

    Much later, they rightfully impeached him for withholding federal aid to an ally nation in exchange for a personal favor to aid his campaign. It was on record.

  21. They never disputed his win. Hillary called him the day after the race was called. Obama invited Trump to the White House. Trump got intelligence briefings.

    The people said “not my president” they didn’t say “Not THE president”

    Bad faith false equivalency.

  22. Trump will trash the entire country just for a personal grievance. Anyone who voted for this piece of shit should be ashamed.

  23. More evidence that our President has the emotional intelligence of a toddler. Trump is way too immature and thin-skinned to ever be an effective leader.

    Many tried to warn voters in 2016, but the appeal of a loud-mouthed bully on a stream of consciousness rant spewing hate and division seems to have struck a chord with the white nationalists.

    I get the desire for a “successful businessman” in the White House. It’s a shame the GOP couldn’t come up with one.

  24. Ironically, it’s the Republican party who haven’t accepted the results of the 2016 election. They still insist that Hillary didn’t win the popular vote and that there were millions of illegal votes on the Democratic side.

  25. Nobody disputed his win. A lot of people didn’t think he won fairly vis a vis Russian disinformation efforts and voter suppression, but nobody denied that he won. I think John Oliver said something like “The slogan was “not MY president” not “not THE president””

  26. Sounds like the guilty guy who had Russian help to win his election doesn’t like that he won that way now that he’s sees his cult would drink blood for him so he is trying to rewrite history.

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