Ben Carson Confirms Trump’s Friends Get Better Coronavirus Treatments

Ben Carson Confirms Trump’s Friends Get Better Coronavirus Treatments

Ben Carson Confirms Trump’s Friends Get Better Coronavirus Treatments

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  1. We can’t all have helicopters rides to hospital,
    The best medical care and staff is reserved for the elite, while the rest of us are called socialist for wanting help with our health care.
    This is the way, the American way lol

  2. I am so over Trump and his cabinet of dismantling America, in the name of conservativism, but actually motivated by profit both themselves personally and those who financially backed the GOP.

  3. Typical to how tyrants operate. Everything is a loyalty test at all times, all subjects must always dance for their supper.

  4. Yeah, trump has to take care of his toadies. Carsen has been a faithful supporter all along so he gets to live. These pieces of shit will condemn the rest of us to death while they use the best treatments available. They really don’t care if we die.

    I detest these horrible people with every fiber of my being.

  5. Exactly the sort of corrupt bullshit that happens in crooked communist countries. Like everything else the GOP says this was just more weapons grade projection.

  6. Let’s hope Trump’s coup isn’t successful. Imagine how the vaccine would be distributed with he and his cronies at the helm: Get in line according to income.

  7. I dislike trump and his cronies as much as the next liberal redditor, but are we really going to be shocked and outraged that the friends of the president of the US have access to things that average citizens don’t?

  8. From the article:

    “‘What is a physician?’ he began a lecture to the meeting. ‘A physician is a healer. And healing actually involves more than just the physical side of things. It also involves the mental and spiritual sides of things because human beings are very complex.’”

    I’m sorry, but if you’re going to operate on someone get your spiritual and or religious beliefs the fuck out of the decision making process. Ffs…

  9. No shit. They get the whole kitchen sink thrown at them for a cure or vaccine. Enjoy that taxpayer funded federal insurance. The rest of us get the scraps.

    Nice nod to the economy in the article since they care more about that than human lives. If only this administration cared about the 262,000 dead Americans, the 12 million infected and the millions who are unemployed.

  10. How about thanking Regeneron? Pharmaceutical companies have done amazing work getting treatments and vaccines ready in record time – basically all Trump did was remove the bureaucracy to get these products into testing.

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