Computer repairman who claimed he gave Hunter Biden data to Giuliani closes shop as laptop saga gets stranger

Computer repairman who claimed he gave Hunter Biden data to Giuliani closes shop as laptop saga gets stranger

Computer repairman who claimed he gave Hunter Biden data to Giuliani closes shop as laptop saga gets stranger

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  1. Of course the whole story is complete bullshit, but nevertheless – if it did happen as described (repair guy takes hard drive from customer’s computer, decrypts and hands it to an unauthorized third party), is that not a crime?

  2. What a shitty shitty IT guy. You don’t go through your customers files, ever, unless it’s for a very specific reason (like data recovery). Also a very gullible guy according to the story.

  3. Whoever the hell this guy is there was absolutely zero situations where he could have come out on top. I mean at best he’s not a liar, but still someone who can’t be trusted with your personal devices. At worst he’s a liar, and as such, someone who can’t be trusted with your personal devices.

    I mean I guess OAN needs IT guys, but way to really cut yourself out of your own trade.

  4. A computer tech that goes through your personal files, is being criminal, it is the same as if you found your plumber going through your wife’s panty draw.

  5. Funny how this completely disappeared after the election. It’s almost as if it were one huge bullshit ploy and the people who bought into it were being conned, just like they are with these bullshit election fraud allegations. It’s too easy for the Trump campaign to herd their sheep.

  6. His attorney is based in Annapolis, Maryland and his practice is estate planning and tax law. Nothing weird about that, right?

    I also didn’t know that convicted felon Bernie Kerik was involved in this.

  7. Hey, I found an old hard drive under my bed I am sure it has Trump’s tax returns on it.

    I called fox news about it but they haven’t called back?

  8. It’s amazing that the whole Hunter’s emails/Tony Bobulinski thing was *just one month ago*. This freaking year is never going to end is it?

  9. What a shocker. Lying Trump supporter gets backslash for lying about non-existing laptop to support Ghouliani pathetic attempt at an October surprise.

  10. A drunken Hunter Biden stumbles into a random computer repair shop that just happens to be owned by a fanatical Trump supporter. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

  11. Oh, did he get burned trying to sell a lie for Rudy “I shit my head” Giuliani? Who could have ever seen that coming??

  12. So odd that “Hunter Biden” went cross country to drop off only one of three liquid damaged laptops, and was identified by a legally blind man. Also odd that “Hunter Biden” never returned to retrieve one of three liquid damaged laptops that happened to contain a vast conspiracy of wrong-doing in the year leading to his Dad’s Presidential run.

    This is a low-effort Hardy Boys mystery.

    But nevertheless, at least we get to heal the country now …

    >Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, told the Hill earlier this month he will continue an investigation into the Bidens’ business dealings that began in 2019, in part because of new information he said was uncovered by the New York Post.

  13. Proof of how the minds of these people work:

    He thought the contents of the hard drive would have helped Trump in his impeachment.

    Like is this the all in wonder laptop that the Dems put all their evidence on? How would anything about Hunter change Trumps impeachment based on him asking for dirt. The existence of the dirt would not make it legal for him to ask a foreign head of state for a favor to help him get dirt on his political rivals.

  14. Try to strongarm another country into participating in a misinformation campaign to smear one of your opponent’s family members, get caught, be impeached.

    Half a year later… ? Try again with your bumbling nincompoop of an attorney with the flimsiest Plan B only a group of technological dinosaurs could believe would be believable.

    And of all things, base the misinformation campaign around allegations of *corrupt nepotism* as if your kids aren’t roaming the WH with security clearances they’d never be given without corrupt nepotism, running task forces and shit they have zero qualifications to be a member of, let alone lead.

    He could’ve won if he hadn’t politicized Covid to the point where a large segment of the country was essentially demanding the “right” to be exposed to it. Y’know, if he’d actually done his job. But scheming is all he knows, “What about Hunter’s laptop!?” was the extent of effort he was willing to put into a campaign for a second term.

  15. Useful idiot is no longer useful. I hope he had the sense to know that his handlers hold no value in his life and will insure his silence to any potential investigations by future administrations.!This guy is very small potatoe. He may have been in$enticed to play the patriotic whistle blower in the conspiracy, but that filthy lucre won’t do you any good inside a concrete barrel in the bottom of the ocean

  16. Who the hell takes a computer to a computer repair shop? My dad used to fix VHS Players and TV while being self employed, but his business went bust when tvs became more reliable and Flatter lol.

    Usually when Computers fail its very easy to narrow down the problem And parts can be removed very easily.

  17. Guy who loaded child pornography onto an obviously faked Hunter Biden laptop, flees before a new Attorney General takes over.

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