NAACP Federal Suit: Trump Violated Voting Rights Act

NAACP Federal Suit: Trump Violated Voting Rights Act

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  1. Thank God its an actual lawsuit. I’m so sick of those in government and law and politics being like HEADLINE: “Trump could totally go to jail/get sued for XYZ. TOTALLY COULD!”

    Then do something about it. I feel like those who stir the outrage and do the bare minimum of speaking out on Trump or sharing their “professional outlook/advice” are just placating the public.

    Harvard Civil Rights Lawyer says “Trump could totally maybe go to jail for like totally being bad and stuff” More at 11

  2. The President and his cronies are trying to Jim Crow millions of American voters after an election they lost in order to install a dictator. Don’t just sue his ass – try them for treason.

  3. In a yellow suit in front of an unfriendly camera. Being issued one bar of soap and one sheet and directed to his overcrowded cell full of anxious; very friendly cell mates.

  4. He has also violated his Oath of Office, so it sounds like a good time to sue him for that, then impeach him for being the fucking baby that he is.

  5. I thought the SCOTUS threw out the Voting Rights Act based on their assessment that racism no longer exists.

    I swear this happened, didn’t it?

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