Rashida Tlaib: Tony Blinken better not ‘suppress my First Amendment right’ to criticize Netanyahu

Rashida Tlaib: Tony Blinken better not ‘suppress my First Amendment right’ to criticize Netanyahu

Rashida Tlaib: Tony Blinken better not ‘suppress my First Amendment right’ to criticize Netanyahu

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  1. … The state department can’t really do that… Yeah they’re not going to listen to her, but that’s not suppressing her right to free speech.

    Kind of a weird comment and I don’t really like attacking your own party members before the transition. With how divided things are, its pretty important that party members at least remain civil. The last thing Biden needs is a split in his party right now.

    And Trump’s very clearly pro-Israel SOS sure as hell didn’t suppress Ilhan Omar’s opinions on Israel, why would Bidens?

  2. I have a great friend who’s Serbian. As much as I wouldn’t endorse his views, I wouldn’t presume to demand that he entirely eradicate his ethnic rivalry with Croatians (or vice-versa). Healing their hearts is their challenge, not mine. But when you’re acting publicly, not to mention in your official capacity as a representative to the United States Congress, you are required to speak with more discipline and circumspection. Rep. Talib needs to take her professional responsibilities more seriously.

  3. Unnecessary statement. They haven’t suppressed her first amendment rights to criticize Netanyahu yet and there’s no reason to assume that either. No need to act like the victim before anything happens lol. You have to actually have a misdeed happen to you before making divisive statements like that.

  4. A rather unnecessary thing to say. Is it just because Blinken is Jewish? Sometimes, I really don’t get unprovoked attacks on their own party like this from members of the Squad.

  5. I don’t think Blinken has ever done anything to show that he’s some sort of ideologue regarding the Israel/Palestine conflict.

    Edit: Seems to me she’s only saying this cuz he’s Jewish, but she’s gonna have to learn to deal tho since there are a rather large number of liberal Jews in America, and they form the progressive base of the Democratic Party.

  6. Rashida Tlaib is an antisemite.

    She’s Palestinian, and as an American Jew I genuinely can’t blame her for being one based on Israel’s behavior towards her people, but she’s a flagrant antisemite as bad as Trump. She’s taken a number of antisemitic actions (spreading the blood libel among them).

  7. Tlaib is probably the most irksome squad member to me. She just kind of stirs things up for the sake of stirring things up without making a good point. She’s just trying to be controversial for the sake of it here and it’s not helpful.

  8. Why are they taking shots at members of their own party when they aren‘t in power yet. There is a time to be aggressive and a time to play subtle politics.

  9. Netanyahu is perpetually under investigation for fraud and corruption by the Israeli justice system and lives his life election to election.

    Don’t think criticizing him would be an issue, just seems to be stirring stuff up for no reason on twitter.

  10. It is great to have some difference of opinions in a party. Just have to be careful on how it is handled. Rashida Tlaib could turn into one of Joe’s biggest hurdles going forward. Not handled right, may be the repubs greatest dream. The “not Trump” alliance has won, but now where do we go is TBD. Do good Joe, it will be difficult.

  11. Sad that this should be said at all. We have the right to criticize any world leader, any foreign government. Just because one nation has a strong identity with a particular religion doesn’t make them immune from criticism.

  12. A sitting Congresswoman is openly using anti-Semitic dogwhistles against one of the most qualified Secretary of State nominees in recent memory solely because of his religion. Shit’s fucked up

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