Trump is Fuming Because His Legal Team is a Bunch of ‘Fools’ Who are ‘Making Him Look Bad’

Trump is Fuming Because His Legal Team is a Bunch of 'Fools' Who are 'Making Him Look Bad'

This is the reverse of the way things normally go! Normally, the lawyer is the one fuming that her client is making her look bad. But no, reports are coming out now that it’s Trump, the client, that is fuming because his lawyers are making him look like a disengaged, out of his depth, narcissistic, cry baby and that, of course, hurts his brand. His brand is that he lives a life that is totally the opposite.

Trump isn’t fuming about the judge’s order in Pennsylvania that dismissed his case with prejudice and stung the lawyers who filed it. It wouldn’t work for one vote, never mind seven million. Nah, that’s not what’s got Trump walking up and down the halls swearing to himself and others in anger (we speculate). It is how stupid the legal team looks in press conferences, something Trump always ensures never happens when he gives a press conference. They’re killing his reputation!

Listen to this, from Mediaite:

The report comes after Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis — the lead attorneys in Trump’s legal team– held a surreal press conference on last week, during which Giuliani acted out scenes from My Cousin Vinny before his hair leaked black ooze. 

Leaking black ooze? Trump would never let something like that happen. He might have white shit flying out of his nose or an orange line halfway down his cheek and forehead, but oozing, that’s next-level awful!

Despite formerly referring to themselves as an “elite strike force,” Trump’s legal team distanced themselves from Powell once she pushed absurd conspiracy theories claiming widespread voter fraud, resulting in a public clash.

Kinda like the dream team only more militant. That’s not really what’s happening here a better analogy might be that the dream team has to play with one hand behind their back and the basket raised to 14 feet.

“Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in a personal capacity,” Ellis and Giuliani stated in a press release.

The statement came after Powell pushed a conspiracy theory regarding voting machine fraud in Georgia, and accused the state’s governor, Brian Kemp (R) of being complicit.

Please define “acting in her personal capacity.” She doesn’t have a client? Her client is Melania? The campaign? Or, they never got around to figuring out who actually had the authority to speak for the president and once she pushed something too ridiculous even for them, she was definitely not “officially” speaking for Trump.

This is the Trump administration’s four-year term symbolized in a nutshell. It should show the MAGAs why he was a terrible president, but won’t.


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