Trump tweets about election results and skips session on pandemic during G20

Trump tweets about election results and skips session on pandemic during G20

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  1. The fucker can’t even do the *bare minimum* his job requires. If I neglected my job as much as he does his, I would’ve been out on my ass a long time ago.

    January 20 can’t come soon enough.

  2. Republicans in the Media and on Twitter: 100% Fradulent! Stolen election! Stop the steal! Undeniable proof of wrongdoing! The death of democracy!!!!

    Republicans in Court Under Oath: Um… well… w-we wouldn’t go s-so far as to say it’s “fraud”! W-we just think it’s kinda weird how t-the other side got more votes a-and um… t-this one guy said he heard from another guy who heard from a p-poll watcher that they were signing ballots wrong s-so um… r-redo? No? Oh jeez my law license could be taken away for lying? Yeah we’ll just drop this case now! Sorry to bother you!

  3. What a fucking loser. He will go down in history as the worst loser to ever exist on the world stage. MAGA people will look back and be embarrassed they were brainwashed into his cult.

  4. I do not understand why in our country it takes 2 months for this idiot to leave the office and secondly if he’s on his way out why isn’t there like an executive recess? They should just pause all activity – him having a go at all the amenities and support is bs. Up until now it seems our government and its rules have been decided by those who broker power – I.E. law enforcement officers, Judges, adminstrators in far flung offices away from public view that have been granted by congress immense power (GSA, OMB) as well as those positions that can be appointed by the executive – this is some bullllsshiiiittt


    The fuck? Honestly. What in the fuck? What criteria could you have possibly used to make the decision to hire him when, based on prior experience in a completely unrelated field, his behavior was entirely predictable? Like for the single most important job that you’ll ever hire anybody for ever, you choose someone with no education, training or experience in the many fields a POTUS should be well versed in.

    Voters in general are stupid but someone that’s ever hired anybody and also voted for him should really question their own judgement. And there’s gotta be an interesting Venn diagram where the third overlap is some weird fucking thing like eats their own toenails.

  6. Seriously, why CNN even cares about Trump Feelings, he doesn’t have to concede the election everyone know he is a fucking loser

    Move on, stop writing this headlines “Biden’s margin of victory widens as Trump’s subversion efforts grow more frantic”

    No one cares even if it’s a small margin Trump lost Biden won end of story. Law will do it course Trump will be out. Talk about Lindsey tampering election, talk about voter fraud in Republican state and counties, put Emily in your headlines not Trump

  7. IIRC, there was a picture of him at his first G20 where he was sitting alone at a table and you could see the rest of the attendants actively avoiding him.

  8. This is like if someone worked in an office and was competing for a promotion. The other person got it and now he’s just walking around complaining, texting fellow employees, tweeting and posting about how he should have got it all while ignoring his actual work duties thus confirming the passing over for promotion.

  9. He doesn’t even want the job, but he’s so terrified at the inevitability of becoming a private citizen and gaining criminal exposure. He’s obsessed with the singular mission of destroying a democratic election in order to keep that one thing, the shield of presidential power. All this insane bullshit he’s doing is an expression of fear.

  10. Guaranteed most world leaders would prefer that he’s not present at the meetings at all. Biden should have attended instead, that would be gold

  11. While there have definitely been more evil leaders than Trump, I’m not sure there’s ever been as shabby, selfish and petty a type of evil in a world leader, with so little cause beyond his own personality.

  12. Just more proof that American voters have made the correct choice in choosing Biden over the impeached orange shit flinging gibbon.

  13. Disengaged. Cut him from this White House! He’s creating chaos and doesn’t give a rats ass about doing “his job”. Why is he still there while we are so stressed! I no longer respect anyone and all people enabling him. Try getting jobs after this!

  14. At one point is Trump a terrorist / traitor? Even if he thought he could pull off a legal win (they cant, but for arguments sake)they could just then stop the transition if that happened. Preventing the transition is treason. This guy is sabotaging the country.

  15. I can’t even express how glad I am he lost the election. Just reading this now makes me sick and I know we only have a short time left with him. If he’d have gotten four more years, Jesus.

  16. Just remember 70 million people voted for him

    And now still, 100s of top officials and elected congress members are still pretending this is normal.

  17. This asshole wants to be president for four more years just so he can be called president because he obviously does not want to do the fing job

  18. “Please let me continue to hold the office of president so I can continue to not lead”. What a pathetic, selfish piece of shit.

  19. Trump, being the incompetent person that he is, never had what it takes to be president. He could have surprised us all, but he didn’t.

  20. He hates the country, all he wants is absolute power to avoid all the fraud lawsuits and every legal repercussions for all this family illegal enrichment… Democracy won and soon justice will find him guilty of many crimes

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