Rep. McClintock says with Congress and the presidency the left would pack the court and more

Rep. McClintock says with Congress and the presidency the left would pack the court and more

If the political left controls both chambers of Congress and the presidency, they will add more justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, add states to the union and provide a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens, Rep. Tom McClintock said during an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

“We know exactly what they’re planning to do because they told us what they’re planning to do,” the California Republican said. “They will pack the Supreme Court with additional seats. They will pack the Senate with additional states. They will bypass the electoral college with this compact of states which basically instructs state electors to ignore the popular vote in their own state and leave the rural states with virtually no say in the selection of any future presidents.”

He said that the left would also stop enforcing the country’s immigration laws and supply a pathway to citizenship for 22 million illegal aliens present in the U.S.

“They will then proceed to enact the green new deal, the entire socialist agenda that they’ve laid out, open the borders. That’s game, set and match for the country. There’s no way back from that,” he said. “And of course they’ll rig the election laws the way they have in California.”

Democrats could soon control the House, Senate and presidency if their candidates win the two upcoming U.S. Senate runoff elections and Joe Biden ascends to the presidency this January.

“The left sneers at free speech,” McClintock said. “The left doesn’t believe we should be judged on the content of our character…Quite the contrary: The left believes the first and most important thing about you is the color of your skin and that’s how you should be judged. They despise the Constitution. They despise due process of law. They practice the rule of the mob,” he said.

“I think liberals have far more in common with conservatives now than they have with the left. And I think that’s also why you’re seeing a migration of traditional Democrats toward the Republican Party,” the congressman said.

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