Stardust, the Bowie biopic without any Bowie songs is velvet garbage

Stardust, the Bowie biopic without any Bowie songs is velvet garbage

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  1. On a long enough timeline, all of 30 Rock becomes reality. We’re now witnessing the real-life version of Jenna playing Janet Jorpler, the knock-off Janis Joplin because they couldn’t license any of her songs.

  2. Shame it’s bad. I actually like the idea of a music biopic that doesn’t rely on the songs. So many music biopics just deliver a mediocre movie with a shit story that gets disguised by good music. I would have liked a good biopic that doesn’t dress itself up with the music. Too bad this movie doesn’t sound good.

  3. Hard pass. My favorite artist, I’ll respect his legacy by not watching this drivel.

    That said I had an epiphany while watching Christopher Nolan’s *Tenet* that Robert Pattinson is the perfect candidate to portray Bowie.

    I’d also love to see someone like Wes Anderson break from his traditional style and make a biopic.

  4. I thought this was a joke and I saw the trailer a few weeks ago and I’m like well I kind of wish it was a joke now because it looks like TV garbage

  5. Hadn’t heard of this until this post, but I feel so validated. As soon as Bohemian Rhapsody came out and was rapidly followed by Rocketman, I told everyone that Bowie was 1000% up next for a queer rockstar trilogy. Knew this was coming.

  6. I saw the trailer and was intrigued but then found out that not one single bit of Bowie’s music was in the film— I’ll go back and read the books about this time instead.

  7. Biopics suffer a major conflict: no one is 100% likable and good and this can hurt the brand of the artist. So there is always tension between pleasing the audience, telling the story and maintaining the brand. And frequently in the end biopics fail at all of them.

    Case in Point: Rocketman

    On the surface there is so much there to make a great biopic, but it’s handling of Elton John’s story is awful. You’re telling me you are going to talk about his sexuality and not show the story behind Someone Saved My Life Tonight?

    You are going to tell about his acceptance of his sexuality but not investigate him finding love in the 90’s and finding happiness with David Furnish .

    You are gonna skip on Princess Diana and him doing Candle in the Wind at her fucking funeral when the world was mourning her?
    Fuck they cut out Lion King(which I get Disney wouldn’t go with it but still.)

    They literally end in in the 80’s the lull in his career. They don’t touch on Versace or his AIDS charities and near brushes with it.

    They literally cut out his fucking come back.

  8. Who thought this would be a good idea? Was it a matter of telling the producers that it was a terrible choice? Because I will happily offer my services. And /u/MarcMaron should have known better than to add his name to the cast.

  9. Could you imagine how *fucking amazing* it’d be being in a movie theatre with all the classic Bowie tracks playing. Such a shame they don’t have them. Would’ve been Bohemian Rhapsody pt II electric boogaloo

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