Trump Gives 1:04 Press Conference Runs Away At Word ‘Concede’


There’s a new c-word in the American lexicon today and it is (whispers) “concede.” Careful now, don’t say it within earshot of Donald Trump, or he will storm out of the room like a wounded elephant and presumably bellow like one, too, when he’s alone.

The supreme childishness of this *man* cannot be overstated. He is actually, physically, constitutionally incapable of acknowledging a simple mathematical truth, which is that more people voted for Joe Biden than did for him — a lot more, six million more. For reasons that the shrinks will go over for some time to come, to admit a simple truth that the rest of the world has already accepted as fact would be tantamount to self-annihilation. Or something.

To that end, Trump appeared in the briefing room for 64 seconds and bragged about the stock market and then turned and ran when reporters began asking about the obvious, his reluctance to concede the election — and this on the same morning that Pennsylvania certified election results.

Trump now returns to the Oval Office to sit and sulk, we guess, until he can find something else that he can take credit for.

What’s interesting about Acosta’s report, is that it would indicate an urgency on Trump’s part to get into the room. So, clearly, he was Jonesing to get in front of the cameras — and then he ran out.

Here’s the entire piece, in all it’s wonder and glory, 1:04.

This is Trump at his *best* which is proving his resemblance to the Peter Sellers’ character, Chauncey Gardiner from Being There. As you recall, Chauncey, nee Chance the Gardener, was a mentally challenged man, whom certain people thought was quiet and deceptively brilliant. Likewise, Donald Trump’s “burn it all down” approach has been taken to be a daring and strategic political ploy. The truth is, Trump’s personality disorder, his dysfunction of meglomania, plays out as swashbuckling confidence, when in fact, he has no confidence at all. Zero. Zilch. And that’s because he has no sense of self. He is his ratings, his star billing, his latest conquest. Without that, he is nothing.

What America is witnessing now, is Trump the Void. He has nothing to say about the election results because he can’t process them. It’s like expecting a two year old to start discoursing about atomic energy. It’s too far beyond Trump’s capacity to handle losing the election in anything like an adult manner, much less talk about it. He ran from the room, because he literally has nothing to say, and he can’t function right now.

72 million people voted for this empty husk, this pathetic fraud. And elected officials of a major political party are terrified of crossing him. Think about that.

When Christ died on the cross, a Roman soldier said, “Behold the man,” and swiftly converted to Christianity. In this case, “Behold the Child” is the only possible takeaway.


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