Foreign observers shocked by chaos over U.S. election

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Foreign observers shocked by chaos over U.S. election

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  1. SSHeretic says

    There’s not even really chaos. We had a clear, straight-forward result with less fraud and irregularities than we normally see.

    The only thing that’s different is that the loser refuses to accept the defeat and engaged in a campaign of lies to try to turn his base against the country.

  2. OaklynMike says

    Let’s be clear: it’s Republicans who tried to sabotage and then overturn a United States presidential election. In plain sight for all the world to see. That’s the shocking part. Otherwise all signs point to it being a successful secure election.

  3. CheeseAndTits says

    Citizen observers are also shocked

  4. russ_wheeler says

    If we were in the global south the CIA would have used our chaotic election as an excuse to overthrow our government.

  5. jolly_octopus says

    At the end of the day, the election was straightforward and our democratic process was remarkably resilient to any attempts to subvert the will of the people. If anything, this election has actually bolstered my confidence in American democracy. It still is very flawed with widespread gerrymandering and voter suppression, but it was able to offer a resounding rejection to Autocracy.

  6. HahaWeee says

    Why would anyone be shocked here? We had a fairly smooth election with a clear winner for the POTUS office but the toddler is having a tantrum as he is wont to do.

    Eventually trump.will run away to mara a Lago and hopefully be banned from social media

  7. GhettoChemist says

    The election went well. The reaction of the loser was the problem.

  8. Fred_Evil says

    >Henriksen is calling the mistrust engendered by the White House “a pity” for American democracy, and the world.

    This is what republicans still fail to see, they have demonstrated that the United States is potentially an unreliable partner governed by the whims of conspiracy theorists and theocrats, and I doubt they will ever be able to admit it.

  9. grixorbatz says

    Chaos = Trump’s bottomless douchbaggery

  10. ShameNap says

    Where have they been for the last 4 years ?

  11. marcus-aurelius says

    “Me” shocked by chaos over U.S election

  12. 2whatisgoingon2 says

    It’s just a dumbass doing dumbass things.

  13. PrincessLeiasCat says

    I’m happy that institutions held, however precariously, for 4 years under Trump.

    I do not think they would have been able to withstand 8.

    I am happy that this election went smoothly. I am concerned that those who are refusing to accept defeat will learn from their mistakes and do better next time.

    I hope we can close some loopholes and put in writing things that we just assumed the president would/would not do because we assumed we would never elect a fucking sociopath.

  14. AruvqanMyers says

    I could have voted twice, we own homes in two states, I officially live in NY but have to spend almost a year living in my husband’s house in CT. (He was career navy and bought a house in CT, my parents house in NY became mine when everybody passed.) I voted only in NY because when I inherited, I changed my registry to NY. I oddly got an absentee ballot mailed to me here in CT from CT

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