The Southern Strategy is dead. Here’s to America’s future.

The Southern Strategy is dead. Here’s to America’s future.

The Southern Strategy is dead. Here’s to America’s future.

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  1. it wont be dead until there is nobody in congress that was born before the civil rights movement started.

    that confederate flag thing is just getting tamped down now. how long ago was the civil war? 150ish years? i.m.o. its gonna take a few more generations, unfortunatly.

  2. The southern strategy wasn’t just winning southern states, it was appealing to racists using coded language everywhere including northern suburbs (see white flight). The southern strategy hasn’t ended, but it is now so normalized amongst the Republican Party that I wouldnt call it a strategy as much as an axiom.

  3. The Southern Strategy is why the Red menace holds the Senate. It is not dead, and not even in trouble. 73 Million people voted for the worst human being in US history, because of the Southern Strategy.

  4. > The tribalism that confines the GOP in the main to a racially aggrieved cohort of the electorate is slow-motion political suicide. The future belongs to those who embrace a diverse America, not to those who reject it. To win the future, political campaigns will need to move away from tribalism.

    South Texas and their votes this past year apparently begs to differ.

  5. The problem with this theory is that Ohio and Wisconsin have joined the south. Highly racist and rural populations filled with white identity politics types. Hollowed out cities, major brain drain, and Republican state houses and political leadership that is entrenched and backed by Murdoch.

  6. The southern strategy has simply expanded and is now the rust belt/southern strategy.

    Republicans expanded their base despite Trump loss. His share of the white vote rose from 52 to 55%

    Republicans gained 20 seats in the house and will control the senate after the run-offs in Georgia. Those who think the dems will win those seats are being absurd. Trump loss in Georgia was about him, the rest of the Republicans did just fine.

    So, Republicans control state houses and will draw districts based on 2020 census. Federal courts are stuffed with Trump appointees and the Supreme Court is an 8/3 conservative majority.

  7. This will only be true if Dems start winning more Senate seats both federally and state level. Unti then, you’ll forgive me for remaining skeptical. Dems need to start keeping this enthusiasm for all elections if they want to see any kind of real progress. Oh and they also need to start primarying a lot of these corporatists.

  8. The southern strategy just moved north and spread out among all the racist flyover states…. fuck, the rust belt isn’t out of the woods, the racists are everywhere.

    The reds are coming and they are us.

  9. It’s not quite dead. But I do believe it is dying and will be dead faster than the numbers in this election indicate.

  10. As a left leaning Georgian, who lives in predominantly left leaning areas, I always feel weird about the “fuck the south” sentiment. Cause like yeah that’s the region’s history, but most of the folks alive today in the suburbs / cities are moderates.

  11. The only reason Trump lost is because he’s an incompetent criminal. Someone just as racist and fascist as Trump could easily win the next elections, as long as he’s more competent and has no criminal record. Trump revived the Southern strategy with a vengeance. He showed republican politicians that racism is very popular and it works to win elections.

  12. Hence Mcconnell’s strategy of packing every court in sight with young, reactionary judges handpicked by the Heritage Foundation. The GOP may be on it’s way to irrelevancy, but the cold hand of Conservative ideology will be at our throats for another fifty years.

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