Shady money bankrolls sham candidates in Florida

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Shady money bankrolls sham candidates in Florida

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  1. DystopianFigure says

    Why isn’t there a lawsuit?

  2. Edogawa1983 says

    How is this not election fraud

  3. daring_leaf says

    Mark Begich pulled this stunt when he ran successfully against incumbent Ted Stevens for senator of Alaska. One of Marks PAC propped up a PO Box candidate called Vic Vickers. He only had one message that he repeated over and over and over again stating that Ted Stevens was a criminal. Begich won the election.

  4. imposter22 says

    I would bet if they found who did the donation, it would open a new rabbit hole of corruption.

  5. 1ne2im3 says

    Florida’s fraud helped to unseat an incumbent Democrat? So no national outrage. No clown show of attorneys frothing at the mouth. No diatribes by Sean Insanity and Fucker Carlson? Just sleepy Joe gently singing kumbaya

  6. peachsnorlax says

    What bugs me about this is how poorly done it was. Whoever funded this could have convinced some genuinely left-wing nobody with political aspirations to run and they wouldn’t have done anything illegal or noticeably unethical. They could always claim just to support the candidate’s views. I suspect such a thing has happened many times before.

    The core problem is first past the post voting, the fact that supporting one candidate disadvantages candidates with similar views. Until this is fixed, any other solution will only stop stupid election interference.

  7. eatpencils says

    Tweet this to AOC’s twitter

  8. efrique says

    The same strategy should be used in return, but much bigger. If they do that shit in 5 races, do it in 50.

    Eventually, they’ll catch on to what the problem with that sort of cheating is and demand some sort of way to stop it.

  9. stevejam89 says

    I’m disappointed in Eminem.

  10. OttoMcGavin2020 says

    Shady money bankrolled two independent presidential candidates in 2016

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