Trump’s Stupid Sham Vaccine Summit Was a Sick Last Gasp

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Trump’s Stupid Sham Vaccine Summit Was a Sick Last Gasp

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  1. Stigmetal110 says

    Like a fading porn star – addicted to the limelight but just can’t get the ratings up anymore. Truly pathetic.

  2. spoobles says

    That wasn’t a summit. That was a Festivus airing of the grievances.

    All glory and praise (even when not his to take). No blame or responsibility (Even when it is his to shoulder). This is the very crux of the Trump presidency.

  3. bcbodie1978 says

    I’d really like to believe that it’s the “last gasp” but I’m pretty sure this bullshit will be going for awhile

  4. grixorbatz says

    It was DJT’s Lord Farkwad moment in crowning himself King Covid XIX

  5. JaD__ says

    So pathetic.

    I know the absurd fat joke checked out a long time ago, and can barely stay awake at the best of times, but whatever yesterday’s deranged mess was supposed to be was as idiotic as holding a Covid vaccine summit where the world’s two most critical Covid vaccine producers can’t be bothered to show up.

  6. Cocobird1607 says

    Call it what it really is, a rally.

  7. mrgraff says

    Last? He’s still got 40+ days of bottomless-ness to go.

  8. allenahansen says

    Please post text for those who can’t bypass paywall?

  9. Comedyfish_reddit says

    Huh! I’ve been watching trump for 4+ years over my morning coffee to se what the buffoon is up to and didn’t know this was happening or happened.

    I think it’s finally starting – he’s fading into obscurity! Good

  10. junkninja says

    Best summit ever. Never been a better summit. Top notch! Opps forgot to go all caps. Sorry.

  11. ijjgiafjidfai says

    Another con. Seventy four years old and his entire life has been a set up. Sad.

  12. [deleted] says


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