A Powerful Lobbying Group Pushes to Keep Restaurants Open. But for Whom?

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A Powerful Lobbying Group Pushes to Keep Restaurants Open. But for Whom?

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  1. liquidgrill says

    And the oil companies tell us that fracking doesn’t cause earthquakes and the cigarette companies tell us that smoking doesn’t cause cancer and on and on and on.

    I for one completely trust businesses to tell me what is safe and what isn’t.

  2. pomonamike says

    From the open restaurants I’ve seen, assholes mostly.

  3. jackanapes76 says

    Not for servers, bartenders, back waiters, underpaid line cooks, or undercapitalized owners. Trying to remain open safely while most people in their right minds aren’t interested in eating in only absolves the insurance, finance and government from acknowledging that this isn’t the type of business that can/should be operating during a highly infectious and quite lethal respiratory pandemic. Imagine if all the money spent on operating at hugely diminished capacity were just saved until it was actually safe to reopen. Imagine if finance and insurance had to *gasp* wait for their fucking money! No, no, best we convince people that this can all be done safely and profitably.

  4. threeriversbikeguy says

    … for their members? You know, the companies that pay the dues that keep the lobby in existence?

    Scummy as it is (and most lobbying is scummy bullshit) this is not some unprecedented PR campaign by a lobby for its members.

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