Editorial: Republicans can support democracy or Trump. There’s no middle ground

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Editorial: Republicans can support democracy or Trump. There’s no middle ground

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  1. mixplate says

    Anyone with decency would leave the Republican party. It’s stood for evil for decades. Let’s not mince words. Their so-called values were pure smokescreen.

  2. negativenewton says

    Agreed with article. Unfortunately GOP will choose Trump. They have no real interests in democracy, just in governing for themselves.

  3. ronm4c says

    You can’t serve two masters

  4. 2021-Will-Be-Better says

    right now it really is

    America VS Trump

    if you are For Trump

    you are against America


  5. N0T8g81n says

    Power is just so attractive, and who needs a soul?

  6. Long_Before_Sunrise says

    They already made their choice years ago. It wasn’t democracy.

  7. twiztedt says

    Anyone who supports Donald Trump is a moron

  8. blumpkinmania says

    That’s basically like saying republicans can stop being republican or support democracy.

  9. FoogYllis says

    they also need to stop calling it a doomed plan or other such nonsense like supporting Trump. It is a seditious and treasonous plan and anyone going against the will of the people in an election with rights guaranteed by our Constitution is a traitor.

  10. DingDongDooDoo says

    Republicans can suck a bag of dicks. They shouldn’t be allowed in government ever again.

  11. squarehipflask says

    Anyone who supports Trump is a traitor to the US.

  12. Admirable_Nothing says

    And 90% of them will choose Trump and we should never let them forget that. Voting a straight Democratic ticket for the next 20 years should do the ticket so long as we all do it.

  13. Puffin_fan says

    The Los Angeles Times can support democracy or the U.S. Power Establishment. There is no middle ground.

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