If Section 230 goes away, so may your voice on the web

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If Section 230 goes away, so may your voice on the web

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  1. DataEffective1491 says

    If Facebook and Twitter are anything to go by, that is a net gain for society.

  2. DoctorLazlo says

    US enemies will target our platforms with the very content they will turn around and sue for. They will cripple and siphon off wealth, upset markets. It would be a disaster.

  3. dj_spatial says

    While I understand that if section 230 goes away, sites like reddit will likely be crushed or unrecognizable. But on the other hand, this would silence the radicals and disinformation that is currently destroying our nation. I’m honestly stuck. Something has to be done to silence the conspiracy theorists and hate groups.

  4. Wismuth_Salix says

    OK – I’ll gladly hang up my social media if it means the end of the radicalization pipeline.

  5. darkhorsehance says

    I know this is not the popular opinion over here but we should really create more modern legislation than section 230, like most countries have since the 90’s.

  6. doctor_piranha says

    Anyone can still start and host their own blog.

    The way that major social media networks game search results, and attention, is what will be lost to the “little people”.

  7. kickinrock5 says

    As long as FB and Twitter disappear, I’m ok with that.

    I’d sacrifice reddit for that.

  8. Harmacc says

    Burn social media to the fucking ground.
    Im ready to let Reddit go.

  9. highexalted1 says

    GOOD. Having idiots able to find like minded idiots on the web has been HORRIBLE for society. When I was a teenager, I thought that the internet was going to make us so much smarter, that people would use the information available to discern obvious bullshit from religions, politicians, and interest groups, to see the world the way it really is. I was so, so SO wrong. One of the greatest disappointments of my life. I was on the web in 1993 on our family 486DX. I was on the warez sites thinking I was cool when I was 13. I was on fucking 4CHAN when everyone there seemed in on the joke. before [poe’s law](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law) reared it’s ever prescient head. Fuck online comments, fuck social media, and most of all, fuck the right wing for recognizing the weapon they had access to WAY before the rest of us.

  10. serialstitcher says

    My voice on the web, nor anybody else’s, isn’t beholden to being on some billionaires social media trash site. We’re supposed to believe that they will delete the whole site over this?

    Putting liability for preaching hate and acting like a general moron onto the platform owners should have been how it was from the start.

    The companies are just mad that they will finally have to invest in proper moderation tools and policies. And that they can’t delete things just because they don’t like how their investors may react to them.

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