Trump’s meltdown will make Biden more powerful

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Trump’s meltdown will make Biden more powerful

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  1. Malaix says

    with any luck this gives Democrats breathing room to secure their lead in the house and senate next midterm with more seats and leads to a fairly easy win in 2024 at least.

    Though ideally this is the death of conservatism as we have known it.

  2. istrx13 says

    > If Trump had held his grip on the party, even in retirement, most Congressional Republicans would have had to show fealty to him, in order to win his endorsement in reelection races and perhaps some funding from the political-action committee Trump has established. But Trump is suddenly so toxic his endorsement doesn’t matter except to the most radical conservatives, and it might even harm some centrist Republicans. Vote-wise, this will split the GOP into essentially two parties: The radicals sticking with Trump’s “America first” nativism, and more traditional Republicans who may revert to Reagan-era priorities of good government, stable institutions and fiscal conservatism.

  3. alicedeelite says

    That’s the most hilarious thing of all. The GOP has literally no capital (no pun intended). Biden comes in with a overwhelming popular victory, the house and the senate. Not only that, the entire judiciary all agreed he won and Trump is an idiot. Furthermore the average American sees idiots in horns, carrying the confederate flag, and literally shitting on the US Capitol building and thinks “that’s bad. That’s real bad.” McConnel has no power. Wall Street and businesses don’t want to donate money to idiots who try to destabilize the country because that impacts their bottom line. If Republicans openly support Trump they completely alienate the money. If they don’t, they lose voters. They will always choose money. Trumps “why would anybody even bother voting Republican?” Will echo through the next 2 election cycles.

    Meanwhile Democrats have platforms that are actually popular in general and even more so after the pandemic that Trump made worse at every opportunity. If they actually do what’s popular people will like them even more! Young voters will turn out for more positive impacts and old people will stay home because their faith in elections was destroyed by Trump.

    This is FDR after Herbert Hoover big.

    But then what else can you expect from a lifelong Democrat who only switched to Republican because he was actually right about where all the suckers are.

  4. Skinnybet says

    I think trump will set his thug army on the White House when Biden moves in.

  5. Pokenar says

    Haven’t read the article just yet, but I had a similar discussion, usually you can only hold on to both the house AND senate for 1 cycle, but the MAGA may have just handed them to the democrats next cycle too, potentially giving them even more power if certain Maga enablers don’t resign and get replaced with different people.

  6. Josgre987 says

    Like some kind of bizarre reverse hydra. It cuts its own head off and makes the slayer stronger.

  7. Bweeboo says

    Which meltdown was this? He has so many.

  8. dbandit1 says

    The GOP needs a long time in the wilderness

  9. californiaavocados says

    I sear to god, if Democrats fuck this up by bitching about policy differences instead of solidifying power like republicans did in 2016 I’ll lose my shit.

  10. Girasol-de-Luna says

    He is nourished by his hatred.

  11. DonRDU says

    Republican? NEVER AGAIN!

  12. Fringefiles says

    Biden like: “strike me down and I’ll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine”

    Trump like: “all out of strikes Joe, would a case of insurrection work?”

  13. unholymanserpent says

    I really hope that some of the reconstruction that occurs during Biden’s presidency is truly historic. We need it

  14. Activist4America says

    It’s not over by a long shot.

    trumps little video don’t mean shit, especially to the pathological liar himself. Unless he’s not a pathological liar anymore? Trust mf no one, and, absolutely not that one.

  15. milqi says

    The next 2 years better be non-stop legislation from the Dems.

  16. DingDongDooDoo says

    Republicans are weak minded, immoral, and gullible. Most everything that motivates them makes life worse for everyone including themselves.

  17. fistofthefuture says

    Weird take but okay?

  18. Milo_Pancake says

    More powerful in destroying the economy? Ok.

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