Schwarzenegger invokes Nazi Germany in powerful video denouncing Capitol Hill riot

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Schwarzenegger invokes Nazi Germany in powerful video denouncing Capitol Hill riot

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  1. Billionairess says

    The country needs to implement detrumpification

  2. HellaTroi says

    This is a perfect example of the kind of REAL heroes our country needs in this moment.

    I did not like Arnold as governor of California. I voted against him both times. But he did not call his supporters to overturn the election when he lost.

    Now, he tells us his story of growing up in a nation that was destroyed by a leader who succeeded in the same kind of evil Trump wishes to visit on this nation. In this time.

    Thank you, Arnold Schwarzenegger, for lending us your own experiences in this time when we so desperately need to hear it.

  3. rhino910 says

    This is one of the most powerful speeches I have heard in my lifetime

  4. Zaorish9 says

    The whole concept of “godwin’s law”– the idea that you can’t compare something to nazis because that’s never appropriate – is false. You HAVE to compare it EARLY or else things get vastly, vastly worse

  5. nogoalov11 says

    Wow! That was a very well put together speech by Arnie !

  6. angiepie02 says

    A powerful and great speech, sadly the ones who need to hear it won’t listen.

  7. pmtiggobitties says

    I keep telling folks that the Proud boys are very much like the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany.

  8. Lady_Seashell_Bikini says

    He’s Austrian, so he would have been taught in depth about the horrors of the Nazi party.

  9. LhandChuke says

    I watched his speech.

    It was as powerful as he is.

    It was important for him to tell us what path we’d go down if we don’t stop Trump. His references to people who just followed the nazis gave me chills.

    If we do not stop this Trumpism in its tracks then we will be the new nazi Germany. We will be evil that we should be so against.

    Thanks Arnie. He is a treasure and more importantly he is someone who knows and is trying to warn us.

    We stopped the insurrection from days ago but the fight is far from over. The seditious and treasonous people still live among us. They are our neighbors and family and friends. We’ve got to reach over to them and see-trump them.

  10. trench0989 says

    Hell of a speech.

  11. Cool_Owl_36 says

    This was a very helpful speech! Go Arnold!

    Was telling someone that Arnold is actually a good person and she responded that he was not due to cheating on his wife and having a child with the maid which is not really good. However, I have been thinking about it and believe being bad about one aspect in your life shouldn’t cancel the rest of what is good about you.

  12. LooseMeatBandit says

    Terminator for Pres

  13. OldTobyGreen says

    Arnie ain’t getting Anschluss’d into the GOP terror reich.

  14. A_H_S_99 says

    An Austrian telling the Americans not to be Nazis.

    Oh how times have changed.

  15. canuckcowgirl says

    Wonderful speech.

  16. Geologue-666 says

    I’m starting to think Trump will not get his face added on Mt. Rushmore.

  17. Maelarion says

    This was our Reichstag Fire moment.

  18. coronanabooboo says

    I was only going to watch a minute of this but stayed for the whole thing. It was thought provoking and sensible. Worth a watch.

  19. PFriends says

    I mean there was nazi flags amd shirts in the mob so

  20. NoobNeedsHelp6 says

    are we gonna get schwarzenegger as sentor when we get rid of feinstein? cus he is kinda acting like thats what he wants to do

  21. trackerpro says

    It really only takes basic understanding of how neo-Nazi-ism / fascism was founded to understand the similarities here.

  22. poopwasfood says

    On a fun side note I was woken up to a video of Schwarzenegger scolding and then praising his pet donkey and pony so at least I have that going for me

  23. E_Snap says

    Dammit I wish we could have had him instead of trump.

  24. ericdano says

    Arnold is great.

  25. DungeonDrew says

    Love this. Conan truly knows what is best in life…

  26. Angellina1313 says

    Dayum. That was good.

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