Trump has less than a ‘scaramucci’ left in office, notes Anthony Scaramucci

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Trump has less than a ‘scaramucci’ left in office, notes Anthony Scaramucci

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  1. nnomadic says

    You know, he’s an asshole, but at least he’s self aware.

  2. TheGame81677 says

    It’s called a “Mooch.”

  3. Longjumping-Bee3735 says

    Someone post Trumps response, please. I’m not on the Twitter.

  4. MediumFast says

    we are now living through **THE LAST SCARAMUCCI** an amazing time to be alive.

  5. construktz says

    It’s called a “mooch”, sir.

  6. hellolol2020 says

    Scaramucci cracks me up.

  7. mojave_moon says

    Summer 2017 seems like a lifetime ago. Who could have predicted that we’d remember the good old days of when this guy was around almost fondly?

  8. Ithaca_Lapidary says

    Scaramucci handled himself pretty good throughout trump’s presidency. Colbert really did a number on him, but his good humor carried him through.

    *edit~I had to pull up some Colbert/mooch clips, they really are the best!

  9. yundot says

    He had this date in his calendar for years.

  10. inquisitive_guy_0_1 says

    It’s called a Mooch, Mooch.

  11. gr4v1tt says

    The mooch was one of the more benign characters in the whole reality series, but maybe that’s bc he only lasted one mooch. He should do a spin off show

  12. LittleBalloHate says

    I know this meme is good, but I also apply a different Scaramucci rule: the “Scaramucci line” is the line after which anyone who left the Trump administration doesn’t get a mulligan.

    Someone who left Trump in, say, 2018, doesn’t get absolved of sins if they say “Yeah sorry Trump is terrible, my bad.” Certainly cabinet members leaving this week don’t get a pass. Anthony Scaramucci was the last person to get out of the Trump admin, apologize, and have me say “Okay, you are allowed back in to polite society.”

  13. buntopolis says

    It’s a mooch you dumb jabroni

  14. 2_black_cats says

    This is the best headline.

  15. faceintheblue says

    But will he do the fandango?

  16. bron1985 says

    You know what man. I like people who change and can make fun of themselves. I know this dude is probably no saint. But damn he’s charming.

  17. LanguishViking says

    … and less than one Scaramucci until we never have to think about Scaramucci again.

  18. FoxyInTheSnow says

    Lotta people in the West Wing this week *trying to suck their own cocks*, I’d wager.

  19. SplendidAndVile says

    Fuck Scaramucci. He’s a fucking scumbag opportunist who was more than happy to work for Trump.

  20. papa_mike2 says

    Stop trying to make ‘scaramucci’ a thing Gretchen! It’s not going to happen!

  21. FoolhardyBastard says

    Too funny.

  22. MrHandyHands616 says

    “Where I grew up, we’re front-stabbers”

    *-The Mooch 2017*

  23. PeruvianHeadshrinker says

    How many scaramucchis has he been waiting to say that?

  24. kthulhu666 says

    I’m thankful for each decimooch that passes peacefully, but I still fear the worst from our President.

  25. cloudbasedsardony says

    i wonder how many scarmucci’s he’s been waiting to say that.

  26. agentup says

    Don’t let Scaramucci use his charm to rehabilitate his image . Dude is still a grifter.

  27. Jkj864781 says

    How can you not love this prick?

  28. johnny_soultrane says

    Uh the term is a mooch, mooch. He has less than a mooch.

  29. 1Viking says

    I can’t wait to count his impending prison sentence in Scaramuccis.

  30. 0nlyhalfjewish says


  31. N8TEX11 says

    What’s that…about .4 spiceys?

    Need conversion bot update 😀

  32. pfta100 says

    Very meta

  33. CrankkDatJFel says

    [goddamn you Mooch, why are you so likable!?](

  34. meaningoflifeis69 says

    The Mooch is the only good thing that came out of 4 years of Trump.

  35. commandrix says

    There is still time to get a good Fandango in, though.

  36. Cmdr-Panda says

    It’s been years since the mooch and I still think about it. I still can’t believe it happened. Dude just showed up, aggressively New Jersey’d, and left.

    I have an easier time believing Mooch was the “inside man” in an elaborate *Oceans 11* type heist than I do believing he was the acting Whitehouse Director of Communications for a week.

    Do you think he stole Trump’s diamonds? Do you think he and Nicholas Cage made off with the declaration of independence? God I wish I knew.

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