Defense Official: Scores Of Current And Former Military Probed In Extremism Cases

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Defense Official: Scores Of Current And Former Military Probed In Extremism Cases

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  1. TheColorFreedom says

    Nobody that was in the military is surprised at all. You get apolitical individuals, hardcore liberals, moderates, window-licking insurrectionists, and everything in between to serve because it is often the only way that people can improve their situation. The only people surprised are the current and former service members who forgot their oaths and should get all their benefits stripped away.

  2. senseijack says

    > The vast majority are former military; many with unfavorable discharge records, according to the official.

    Not surprising.

  3. BloodAngelA37 says

    Good, fuck all of them for being seditious oathbreakers.

  4. Buscemis_eyeballs says

    Leavenworth 👏 ain’t 👏 no 👏 joke

  5. PastorDan1984 says

    I serve in the military as a chaplain. I have heard some of the most unimaginable stuff from people, that nothing surprises me.

  6. RomanEagleTactical says

    You mind looking into an ex friend of mine? I can provide his full name, the state he lives, his rank when he was medically discharged from the US Army and the time period of his deployment to Afghanistan

  7. absotivelynotme says

    It’s eerie that the Joint Chiefs had to issue a statement reminding the military that they serve the country not the President.

    I understand why so many are pleased and impressed that the Joint Chiefs put their statement out. I tend to be an anxious guy and I gradually grew to think it’s less of a “fuck you” to Trump and more of a reminder to servicemen that are leaning towards treason…

  8. MentorOfArisia says

    Michael Flynn and Mike Pompeo show that the Extremism goes all the way to the top.

  9. Darkandredchixk says

    Man I wish I could report one I know

  10. greetings_traveler2 says

    Current? That’s less likely!

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