Activists Are Mobilizing to Create an Eviction-Free United States

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Activists Are Mobilizing to Create an Eviction-Free United States

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  1. WalkTemporary7996 says

    How would you pay a landowner? Or should we limit property to one address(asking for normal middle class people who have finally reached some level of financial security in late 40s )

  2. GrumpyBearBank says

    At some point, this will cause a new a mortgage crisis

  3. Udjet says

    There’s no way this goes off without a hitch. Many people will get screwed, I guarantee it. Unless the government guarantees coverage of full payments and its not like the PPP where funds ran put too fast and small businesses got hosed. Not everyone renting a house is rich, they just happened to be able to move and were looking to supplement their income. Not getting a payment or two could financially ruin people like this.

  4. ottermann says

    So, if I own a rental property, say it’s 4 units, and all my tenants stop paying rent, and I’m forbidden to evict them, how do I pay for the building?

    And when I stop paying the bank, are they forbidden from foreclosing on the building?

    That sounds like a sure way to get banks to stop providing mortgages.

    Are landlords just supposed to eat the lost rent incomes? If so, sounds like a reason to stop renting.

    I understand the pandemic has people in financial crises all over. But forgiving them all their rent, past-due and future rents, will make the housing crisis so much worse. No one will rent to anyone anymore if there’s no recourse when someone doesn’t pay rent.

    And if the people stop paying rent, is the landlord still obligated to take care of the basic maintenance? How do they pay for that work?

  5. transplanar says

    They should definitely move to replace landlord/tenant relationships with housing cooperatives.

  6. Altwaal says

    people are hurting

  7. TamponLollipopz says

    Does this mean I won’t have to pay rent anymore

  8. scroopynoopers1 says

    Please don’t replace my favorite remnant of feudalism! /s

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