Florida deputy arrested, accused of texting coworker about plan to kill feds after U.S. Capitol riot

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Florida deputy arrested, accused of texting coworker about plan to kill feds after U.S. Capitol riot

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  1. Chuck_Foolery says

    Yep, that face says everything.

  2. tbiedenkapp says

    Well, he sure looks the part of the average Trump goon in this picture

  3. Mental_Attitude_2952 says

    Why is it the people who want to kill hundreds of people because they can’t deal with losing election think the otherside are the “tyrants” ?? 🤔🤔

  4. danceswithronin says

    Man, we need a system-wide purge of the law enforcement community, but I feel like the biggest problem is that nobody else wants to step up and take that job role, and it’s already an upsetting and stressful job role to deal with in the first place. And I don’t know how to fix those problems.

  5. Dry-University797 says

    Picture is about what I expected.

  6. samusaranx3 says

    You shouldn’t be allowed to be a cop if you’re stupid enough to put your violent threats in writing.

  7. Love2Pug says

    And now to investigate how many of his arrests were made with false statements or planted evidence.

  8. suddenly_ants says

    The sheriff he worked under is Judd Grady, the one FL sheriff who loves being a camera whore on fox news.

  9. agentup says

    These guys aren’t coming up with this in a vacuum. They are being egged on and groomed

    Sean Hannity is still spouting crazy election conspiracies.

    Foxnews and media like them are only going to get more deranged

  10. Bearwwood says

    Nothing surprises me about Florida anymore. Probably the same idiot who burned Trump on a manatee.

  11. RosiePugmire says

    How many cops does this make now that have been arrested for participating in this violent insurrection? 29? 30? I hope someone somewhere is tracking this.

  12. SpecialEither says

    Way to go Florida. This and that teacher that said antifa was to blame for the riot are from the same county.

  13. antoinewhitewalker says

    Another McVeigh-triot down. You love to see it.

  14. TheRollingStoned22 says

    kinda looks like bobby from king of the hill.

    but from the future.

  15. Buscemis_eyeballs says

    >When the other deputy responded that Heneen was “giving [away] your plans on a traceable app on your phone,” Heneen replied, “Yup they are listening, come get me!!!”


  16. wheres-the-waffles says

    Umm he only reported it once the threats became more violent. He should of been reported as soon as he initially made the threats against law enforcement.

  17. jwalkrufus says

    > “I have my [expletive] next to my bed ready to go,” Heneen said in texts, screenshots show. “… I will slit their throats if they touch my family[.] I will make them suffer.”

    Yeah, I’m sure Pelosi and AOC were going to come and abuse his kids or something. Luckily this moron was prepared.

  18. DachshundWarLord says

    Unfortunately I fear that there are more that are not caught. Scary stuff. ❤️

  19. hotmessexpress44 says

    Florida Man at its finest.

  20. HamSandwichJimmy says

    These folks always look EXACTLY like you’d expect.

  21. sivervipa says

    Why would you text something like that? All it takes is one person to turn you in?

  22. Ashes_of_our_Grace says

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. American law enforcement entities are nothing more or less than a loosely connected network of criminal gangs that routinely abuse power and extort citizens and kill innocent people and ruin lives all while harboring racism and radical ideologies and a culture of rampant narcissism giving evil a safe haven and maintaining the delusion of righteousness as the hypocritically self appointed defenders of morality. That’s it. There is no argument about a few bad apples or anarchy without them. I don’t care about to rarified fluff story about some cop who bought a homeless man a cheeseburger instead of arresting him or anything else. Watching them beating journalists and medics while gassing BLM protestors was bad enough last year, and then this comes right on the heals of those crimes against humanity. The shear number of cops and soldiers discovered in the attempted coup on 01/06 settles it. They are pure fucking evil and every pig who puts on the uniform needs consequences before we will ever return to real law and order.

  23. throwthewholememeawa says

    The girls are fighting!!!

  24. Tempest-in-a-B-Cup says

    Smile for the camera !

  25. SD514 says

    Now think of how many innocent men and women are incarcerated!

  26. unbearablyunhappy says

    Thicc boi.

  27. GOPisTreason says

    Elite MAGA Warrior or 29 year old going on 50? YOU DECIDE!

  28. florezmith says

    Looks like he was trying to declare a thumb war

  29. rhudson77 says

    His defense will be standard……His texts were taken out of context.

  30. TheHoly_Coast says

    If the messages hadn’t gotten as far they did would the “hero” deputy have did anything at all? Almost sounded like he was trying to stop his buddy from saying anything too much. Then when it seemed like it went too far for him,he ratted out his partner. Maybe just my cynical take on everyone connected to one of these knuckle draggers.

  31. broglesby74 says

    Polk County is the home of one of FL toughest sheriffs, Grady Judd. He a conservative and tough on crime. Its going to be interesting how this deputy is treated since Judd was outspoken about BLM and even advised Polk County residents to keep their guns handy for any home invasions from BLM.

    Normally, most of us are glad he’s tough on criminals but those BLM comments rubbed many the wrong way.

  32. Sudestbrewer says

    Who’s surprised?

  33. dmendro says

    Yeah he definitely looks like a winner.

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  35. WokeKanda says

    How is that admissible in court? That’s against the 1st amendment unless they were planning hyperbole is protected under the first amendment

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