House Oversight Committee chair requests FBI probe of Parler, including its role in Capitol siege

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House Oversight Committee chair requests FBI probe of Parler, including its role in Capitol siege

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  1. Brandeez0 says

    I don’t doubt that some people will call foul and claim this is not a step towards unity. But I read headlines at Fox this morning and they are tame compared with the claims bandied about in Parler. I get freedom of speech, but nothing is one hundred percent free. Lies can be claimed to be covered by Freedom of Speech, but should it? Would you tolerate a partner who lied constantly? Some do, and many are miserable because of it. The inauguration started on a good note with a promise to lessen our misery. Lets not let Parler aid those who want to see our misery continued.

  2. PeeWeePangolin says

    What about Facebook too? By volume a lot of the chatter and coordination occured moreso on FB than on Parler.

  3. PDCH says

    There is a danger here at trying to blame the site. I will preface this by saying I know very little about Parler, and this isn’t about the site itself, rather about taking action against a social media site where these activities occur. Seems to me that law enforcement may be stepping on its own foot if they drive open sites (easily accessible by anyone) away from hosting radicalized groups like the ones who were coordinating the capitol seige. If these groups are forced to find back room (dark web) chat areas, it will be much harder to monitor and/or identify going forward.

    Keep in mind, because of the ease of access which allowed monitoring on Parler and Facebook, the FBI knew something was coming. It was the incompetence of those who should have fortified the capitol that allowed the siege to take place.

  4. needsmoreusername says

    Cool, now do Facebook too

  5. YourFavoriteChild says

    Arrest everyone who incited, threatened, or committed violence.

    Take all of them and put them behind bars.

  6. LannisterZ94 says

    dont forget facebook

  7. Glass_Slide says

    Good, this will be the start of rooting out that cancerous conspiracy culture.

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