Biden Cabinet: Buttigieg urges big funds for Transportation

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Biden Cabinet: Buttigieg urges big funds for Transportation

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  1. shadowninja2_0 says

    Even Joe Manchin is on board with Infrastructure spending, so this feels like basically a done deal.

  2. timmytakeover says

    Good way to create jobs

  3. pearlsandplumes says

    Does anyone even know what this Department achieved under Trump?

  4. whomad1215 says

    Remember the [transcontinental railroad](

    We can build rail in this country and remove our dependency on cars/planes.

    Plus this would mean massive amounts of jobs, which would then be spending that money they earn and putting it back into the economy.

    There is zero reason we could not do this if we want to.

  5. gaayrat says

    finally it’s infrastructure week!

  6. thebadgerchemist says

    Oh boy, I can already see the Trump supporters’ response to this: “when I take my car to a mechanic, I take it to a NATURAL mechanic! You can’t trust Big Transportation! They have a vested interest in hiding the truth about fixing engines!!!” To be fair, some of my fellow liberals might fall in to that camp too, but still because it’s coming from Biden’s administration, they’ll bend over backwards to find a way to label it “bad”.

  7. ThuggedOutDopePotato says

    Like we did after the Great Depression?…like a New Deal?…now where have I heard that before?

  8. Zhoenish says

    Nationwide Maglev train system, oh, please, please, please.

  9. memphisjones says

    I don’t like him, but I can agree with him about this.

  10. exorbitantDisplay says

    Fuck that. We have more important things to spend that money on right now and nobody is fucking going anywhere because of the virus.

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